Alaska Report

Alec and Steve Flood with another big Kvichak rainbow... Photo: Mark Seal

George with a fat Big Ku rainbow caught on an articulated egg sucking leech. Photo: Jeff Carder

George just got back from his annual hosted trip to Enchanted Lake Lodge, in the heart of Katmai National Park.  As usual, the fishing for huge rainbow trout was exciting.  Mark Seal’s 31 inch rainbow on the Kvichak was one of the four largest fish caught this year by ELL clients all year.  There were two 32 inch and two 31 inch bows caught, all out of the Kvichak.   The Big Ku and Moraine Creek also produced some fatties, in that ten pound range,  like the fish George is holding on the left.  The Brooks was red hot again this year, with lots of fish up to 25 inches, but for some reason, none of those 27-29 inchers we’ve seen in past years.     The Kulik also fished well, dishing out it’s normal high numbers of fish, with a few in the 24-25 inch class.   Next year  our week shifts up to Sept. 7-14, which will give us a crack at even more 10 pound fish in both Moraine Creek and the Battle.   This is one of our most popular trips, so if you want in,  e-mail  George at:

Jeff Carder, (aka the Predator 2) with a Big Ku bow... photo: George Anderson

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Creeks and Small streams

Theresa Nostrant with a nice small stream brown ...

Jedwards with a colored up creek cutty... Photo: Matt Carara

With the Yellowstone muddy and the Madison busy we’ve been fishing local smaller streams as well as the Paradise Valley spring creeks.  The Spring Creeks are now down to $75 (through October 15th), making rod fees slightly more affordable (and a lot more elbow room to boot).  Hatches have been weather dependent, with midges coming off in the morning daily.  On warmer, cloudy days we’ve seen some fall baetis (size 18-22) as well as some tiny may flies (22-24) may flies.  A female trico pattern is the perfect match for these.  Before the hatches start, scuds and midge larva have been catching fish.  Streamers in the evening have also been effective, especially in sections of the creek with faster moving water.  As for local small streams in our area, the browns are getting significantly more aggressive and with this change in weather, have been crushing streamers.  This style of fishing has been far less technical than the creeks and basically comes down to covering as much water as you can…

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Clarity Report

Harold Dunaway and Bob Bergquist with a big brown...

John Stamatis of CT and Paul Bloch with a good fish... Photo: Even Gillette

The Yellowstone has some thick mud coming down the Valley today, which means that floats tomorrow will likely be safest on the Upper or Lower Madison.  There’s a chance the Yellowstone will be clear enough to float above Yankee Jim, check the electric peak webcam for the water to clear up high.  Floating down low tomorrow will be difficult unless you are prepared to drive to twin bridges (down by Columbus).   The Madison fishes quite well this time of year, which is are go to plan “B.”  Although the fishing was windy down low today (steady 20 mph wind with gusts up to 40 mph) the browns were definitely eating.  Try a mix of dead drifted streamers and nymphs if the water is clear.  Once the mud goes through try a mix of yellow, white, “flashy” or black streamers as the river is clearing.  As long as we don’t get more rain in the park tonight (20% chance) we expect the river to be good to go for this weekend…


Even Gillette answers back! Photo: John Stamatis

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Browns on the prowl…

Brian Sienkowski and Chuck Whitney with a nice brown...

The Yellowstone has been producing some nice fish lately!  Cooler water temps have been getting the browns fired up over here.  While we haven’t caught many on dries, the fishing has been steady and the browns are looking really healthy despite the lower water levels than usual.  With less fishing pressure than the normal summer, now is a great time to get out and go for a big one!

Larry Griffin and Brian with another thick shouldered Yellowstone brown...

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Transition Time

Unfortunately for the big foam dry fly lovers, the fish in the Yellowstone below Point of Rocks F.A.S have decided to key in on smaller dries and nymphs.   The water temperatures have been consistently lower recently, with the addition on steady rainfall and lower mean air temperatures.  Fish have changed gears to eating a lot of small snacks, and few super-sized meals.  This means that we are forced to transition into our fall nymphing routines, and will not see many big stoneflies or terrestrials fluttering about.

Fly: Mcknight's Home Invader. Sticks: Van Gravach, Angler:Paul Bloch, Photo: Matt Carara

On the upside, the browns are really starting to color up nicely and the rainbows are super spunky, leading the unsuspecting angler directly into his or her backing on occasion.  Cooler water has hit the reset button on the Yellowstone recently and a lot of fish are re-occupying their early season lies.  The last few days finding fish has not been as tough as finding the bug they want.  You might consider resupplying on 5x fluorocarbon tippet and indicators.  Streamer fisherman are chomping at the bit for their chance to move some bigger browns, but the name of the game for now is persistence.  Most people out there throwing #2 and #4 bugs on sinking lines are digging up one or two nice browns a day.  Big migratory fish from down deep are starting to show themselves, and have begun to eat their way upstream.  If you are looking for big fish don’t hesitate to book one of our guides soon.  Late Septemeber though October is one of  the best times to latch onto a big brown.

Josh Edwards and Wilson, Paradise Valley Photo: Matt Carara

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Clarity Report

The mud hasn't hit town yet, visibility in town is still looking good 9/9 (9:00 AM)

There’s a plug of greenish / glacial color mud in the Valley today.  Way up high is already clearing and town is clear for now.  We’re guessing a float from 89 down today would keep you ahead of the plug.  Or, if you more inclined to go for numbers than size a float above or below Yankee Jim might be in order.  Check out the electric peak web cam for more clarity updates.

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Monster Brown

John Bond with a massive Valley brown! Netting and photo: David Lamer

The Yellowstone has been fishing well the past couple of days.  The recent afternoon cloud cover has been especially kind to those wanting to throw dry fly or hopper/dropper rigs.  Nymph fishing has still been the most effective way to catch fish on brighter days, with nymphs ranging from size 14-18.  Streamer fishing is always hit or miss on the Yellowstone, but when it’s on the fishing can be outstanding.  When it’s off, it can be frustrating to say the least.   They say “luck” is when preparedness meets opportunity.  Keep putting in the time and doing the right things, eventually a fish like Bond’s could be in your hands…

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Valley Browns

Bob Bergquist and Amanda Diercksmeirer with a big Valley brown. Photos: Monte McDougall

Bob and Mandy land round two!

The Yellowstone has cooled off drastically the past week, partly due to rain but mostly due to colder nights and cooler mornings.  Today the water clarity looks good from Gardiner all the way down to Big Timber.  We have some clouds sticking around (at least in the morning) which could lend itself well towards dead drifting a sculpin or stripping a streamer.  Pat’s rubber legs have been a solid lead nymph as well lately, with any small bead head (#18-20) behind it.  Hopper dropper continues to be one of the favored rigs out right now, concentrating riffle drop offs and underwater ledges that are less obvious.  With school starting there’s finally a bit more elbow room out there.  The streamer fishing should continue to improve as we move into the Fall, as well as nymph fishing with baetis nymphs and whitefish eggs.

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Clarity & Fishing Report 8/31

Matt Carara with a nice town brown Photo: Vann Mclean

Clarity @ Carter's Bridge 8/31 at 11:30am

We’ve been dodging quite a few plugs of mud lately as a result of heavy rains in Yellowstone Park over the past week.  Clarity in town as of 8/31 at 11:30am is emerald green with 2.5-3′ of visibility.  We’ve heard reports of more mud coming, and that both the Lamar and Soda Butte were off color this morning.  The mud can be hard to predict, so keep an eye on the webcam for the latest on the upper river. As always, feel free to give us a call and we will try to give you the best information about where the plugs are currently.

Fishing between the plugs has been good (as long as you can find the clear water).  Quite a few nice fish have been showing up lately using a variety of methods.  Big, dark or flashy colored nymphs will take fish when the water is a bit off color.  Clear water on the edges is also a great time to run the hopper/dropper setup along the banks.  Streamer fishing has been less consistent than nymphing, but green water give you a great chance to hook a truly big fish on a streamer.  Flashy streamers have been the name of the game when looking for the “one”.  We still have some guide availability during September, and these recent rains have helped dropped the water should be an epic month!

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Clarity Report

Town section 8/30 (around 8:00) looking clear... however thick mud is coming again

Town is looking great today, but yesterday’s heavy rain in the park has another plug coming.  Check out the upper river web cam to see when that clears, but for now it looks like a pretty thick plug…

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