Safety First – Dangerous Waters

Recovery teams are still working below 89...

The Yellowstone has dropped under 6,000 CFS.  While certain sections of the river have really shaped up well, others have become dangerous.  Sections to avoid include Yankee Jim Canyon, Pine to Carter’s, Carter’s to 89, 89 to Springdale, and Springdale to Greybear.  We highly recommend avoiding these sections unless you are 100% confident on the oars in scary / tricky situations.   Mayor’s to Springdale has been re-opened as of 9:00PM last night (7/29), smaller teams will continue the search as it transitions from rescue to recovery.  If you plan to use 89 take out (which we don’t recommend now), it is best to go to the left of the far right bridge pylon, rather than going to the right which has a bad hydraulic in it.  Once you pass the pylon on the left side, a strong rower can still make the take out.  There are also some fast waves along the cliff walls between Mayor’s and 89 to watch out for.  Accidents can happen at anytime, to any rower.  Until CFS drops and things are less sketchy, we recommend floating anywhere from Carbella to Mallard’s, or anywhere from Otter Creek (in Big Timber) down to Twin Bridges (above Columbus). When in doubt, if you “don’t know, don’t go.”

Unrelated to Friday's accident, this happened between Pine and Carter's

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Yellowstone Fishing Well

Brian Sienkowski and the Kipp Bros getting after it...

The Yellowstone has been fishing well this past week.  With flows under 6,000 the river is taking shape and many of the shelves, riffles, and drop offs we all enjoy fishing are in prime time levels.  Hoppers are starting to work well and we have heard of some big fish being caught (and lost) on them.  Caddis have been working still in the evenings, as have ants and smaller dries.  Chub/rub is always a good combo and after you have caught a few fish on dries and droppers you might consider stripping a streamer for a while.  Give us a call if you’d like to book a trip! 1-406-222-7130.

Corwin Kipp with a nice brown... Photo: Brian Sienkowski

Got 'em! Photo: John Bond

John Kipp with a nice brown... Photo: John Bond

Mike Rosol having some fun out there! Photo: John Bond

Miles Titland with a fine specimen... Photo: Tom Titland

Chloe Nostrant with a dry fly eater... photo: Will Phelps

Anthony Morabito with a solid Yellowstone rainbow... Photo: Chloe Nostrant

Will Phelps, hogies all day, 'er day! Photo: Chloe Nostrant

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Dry Fly Fishing on Local and Private Lakes

Josh Edwards and Harry Ano with a nice brown. Photo: Bob Bergquist

Dry Flies have been working well recently on local and private lakes.  Callibaetis duns and spent spinners have been some of the best patterns, as well as damsel dries, traveling sedges, hoppers, and other terrestrial patterns. Depending on the day, it might not hurt to add a sub-surface dropper, but many times only one single dry is getting things done.  Give us a call to book a trip!  406-222-7130.

Josh and Harry with another one... Photo: Bob Bergquist

Paradise Valley, always a beautiful backdrop...

Chase and Vince Herrera a nice lake rainbow...

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Yellowstone Fishing Well

Leah Boehler with a tank! Photo: Logan Brown

Water levels on the Yellowstone are finally entering prime time!  Fish have been looking up and eating chubbies, hoppers, caddis, and other attractor dries.  A lot of fish have been caught on dry/dropper rigs – many falling for the dropper, but a few nice fish have been caught on top as well. The streamer bite has slowed down a bit but for those who are willing to stick with it a big fish is bound to be caught soon.  We’ve seen some true beasts chase all the way to the boat this past week.  Give us a call to book a trip, someone is going to get a big one – might as well be you!  1-406-222-7130.

Logan with a solid brown of his own... Photo: Dean the Machine

Max Downes from down under grabbing a nice valley bow! Photo: JB

Hallie and Chase with a nice brown!

Addy Oldham and Paul Bloch having some fun... Photo: Pierce Edlich

JR and Chase - getting it done!

The Valley is still fishing well... William and John having fun. Photo: Scott

Luke Gallagher - attack from the back! Photo: Ashby Bell

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Yellowstone National Park

Chloe Nostrant with a nice YNP native cutthroat. Photo: JB

The NE corner of the Park has been fishing very well lately!  With water levels dropping and a plethora of bugs hatching the fish have been looking up and taking dries.  Bring your PMD’s, drakes (green, brown, and gray), stoneflies, hoppers, ants, beetles, and crickets.  Attractor dries such as royal wulffs, trudes, and stimulators have also been working.  If you don’t mind fishing with a dropper we stock a bunch of good beadhead softhackles and nymphs that are absolutely deadly.  Depending how far people would like to hike we can arrange anything from a few feet off the road to a 12 mile round trip “hike and strike.”  Give us a call anytime to book! 1-406-222-7130.

Join one of our women's fly fishing trips in the Park!

Ladies, have you always wanted to learn how to fly fish but don’t know where to start?  Join us for a one or two day Women’s fly fishing workshop in Yellowstone National Park!  The Yellowstone Angler’s Women’s Fishing Camp is a women’s only guided fly fishing camp geared towards beginner female anglers.  These camps are designed to be fun, educational and empowering above all.  The goal is to give women the basic skills and knowledge to feel able and confident to go out and fish on their own.  If you have questions please feel free to call Chloe at the shop! 1-406-222-7130.

A Bison Crossing right in the "good" spot! Photo: Chase Chapman

A nice native comes to hand... Photo: JB

Rush hour traffic in YNP... Photo: JB

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Yellowstone Fishing Well

Russell Schmidt with a nice brown on the black dragon... Photo: John Bond

The Stone has been fishing well this past week.  A bit of mud has been coming from Yellowstone National Park but nothing that can’t be worked around.  Still a bunch of yellow sallies and caddis on the water.  Streamers have been working here and there, nymphing has been the most effective, with of course a few whitefish coming to the boat on beadhead droppers, but some nice trout as well.  There have been some tricky currents out there so please be careful and have an experienced rower at the helm.  Give us a call to book a trip!  1-406-222-7130.

John Bubnikovich making it look easy! Photo: Marcus McGuire

Jessica Bubnikovich getting hooked on fishing! Photo: John Bond

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Clarity Report

We have some mud in the Valley today... (7/11 at 11:40AM)

There is a short mud plug in valley today.  Guides were able to beat this by either going up high or way down low. Tomorrow this mud should be well past town and it doesn’t appear that more mud is coming immediately after, (meaning the Valley should fish well tomorrow).

Clarity in town this morning (7/11 at 7:55AM)


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Fish Still Hungry

JB & Anthony Power with a fine Birthday Bow! Photo: Kyle Power

The Yellowstone is in great shape and fishing well.  Lots of rubber legs heading out the door but a few nice fish have been caught on top as well as on streamers.  The park has been dodging bullets with late afternoon storms, but one of these days the Lamar might get hit hard.  CFS is still very high so make sure you have a confident oarsmen at the helm.  Town has a couple very large wave trains in it right now and the 89 bridge take out is VERY scary.  Be sure to go left of the large bridge pylon and around rather than going to the right to make the boat ramp.  Pine Creek has a bit of sand at the takeout which may require a 4 wheel drive vehicle.

Kyle Power pulling for pigs... Photo: John Bond

Ron Phillips with a solid streamer eater. Photo: Joe Gilmartin

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Yellowstone Still Fishing Well

Ashby Bell with a nice Cutbow... Photo: Forrest Straight

The Yellowstone is still fishing well.  We had a surprise heavy down pour in town last night but most of it avoided YNP, so we don’t expect to see any mud coming from it.  A few big bugs are still staging near Carbella but most all of the stoneflies have headed up to Gardiner and beyond.  A strong rower and good caster are the keys to catching fish above the canyon on dries.  The nymphing can be very good as well, although the fish up there are usually a little smaller than below the canyon.  Give us a call if you’d like to book a trip!  406-222-7130.

JB and Robert Ebeling with a nice valley brown. Photo: Elizabeth Ebeling

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Happy 4th of July!

Jim Mahoney and JB with a Valley streamer eater.

The Yellowstone is primed and ready.  CFS at Carter’s bridge has dropped to 9,960 while CFS at Corwin Springs is currently 9,870.  It doesn’t looks like we have any rain on the way in the near forecast, so the river should be dropping steadily this week.  If you can get out there and enjoy the river, week/weekend would be a great time to do it.  There is a plethora of bugs out there right now including salmonflies, goldenstones, sallies, caddies, and green drakes.  The nymph fishing has been silly, the dry fly has been spotty but good in certain areas.  The streamer bite has been better up higher, as the heavier hydraulics in town and down low haven’t settled down yet.  Look for these sections to be more productive once the river hits 8,000 CFS at Carter’s bridge.  Give us a call to book a trip!  406-222-7130.

Jonathan Mahoney with solid fish as well!

Chris Mahoney playing clean up!

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