Solid Dry Fly Action

JG with a nice afterwork dry fly eater... Photo: The Franimal

The dry fly action has been pretty good this past week.  Hoppers, stones, parachutes, ants, and other attractors have all been working well lately as the fish are looking up.  The streamer bite has been slow in general, however if you know the right spots to try, there have been some chasers.  Nymphing has taken the back seat for many, although a few boats are still fishing dry /dropper with success.

Pre-game for the solar eclipse coming up next Monday, 8/21...

We still have a couple boats open for Monday, 8/21 for the solar eclipse trip of a lifetime.  Will all the monster browns in the river rise up and eat mice while the sky does dark???  Hard telling, not knowing – book a trip and find out what happens!  1-406-222-7130.

Rick Hirsch with a nice rainbow up high... Photo: John Bond

Chase and Jim Andrews with the signature move... Photo: Jorie Andrews

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River Looking Good, Mud Likely Tomorrow Up High

Clarity in town today, (8/14 at 7:18 AM) - streamer dream water

The Yellowstone is looking clear and ready to fish from top to bottom today.  It looks a few systems will be hitting the Lamar Valley today, so we’ll likely see some mud tomorrow up high.  Yesterday fished well with dries and today looks like a great day to throw streamers. With the current rain and overcast clouds, water temps will be conducive for a big brown to chase.  Those who are willing to battle the elements today should have a great shot at battling a big fish or two.  Give us a call to book a trip!  1-406-222-7130.

Rand Robbins - streamer for the win! Photo: Mitch Werbell

Brett Edwards with a solid Madison brown...

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Windy today

Erin Huttlinger with a nice brown! Photo: Marcus McGuire

The Yellowstone is looking great but the “W” is blowing a little harder than it has been the last few days.  Other than that conditions are excellent with no mud plugs and plenty of water.  We do have some rain in the forecast for today and tomorrow.  We’ll see what happens, but so far most of the storms that are brewing are north of the Park, which means the Lamar should stay clear.  Either way, we’ll be keeping an eye on things but it looks good for now.   Give us a call to book a trip!  1-406-222-7130.

Jim Berend strikes again! Photo: Mrs. B.

Janis Selvey and John with a nice down low bow. Photo: Michael Selvey

Michael Selvey - Brown Town, MT Photo: Janis Selvey

Plenty of water in the crick...

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Yellowstone Fishing Well

Rex Fowler & Paul Bloch - "Museum of the Lockies" Photo: Rick Schaefer

The river is rocking and rolling with plenty of water for all.  Hoppers have taken over as most anglers are throwing some kind of hopper – either drifting it solo, fishing it with a dry dropper, (like a small ant or parachute), or a nymph dropper, (such as a small rubberleg or beadhead).  Nymphing has also been good but it has been fun to watch bigger fish come up and eat a hopper.  Various colors and sizes have been working, but it seems like peach or flesh have been popular.   Give us a call if you want to get out there!  1-406-222-7130.

Brown, as in Jim Brown...

Judy Maben: 1st fish, most fish, biggest fish! Photo: Bob Maben

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Streamer Fishing on the Stone

Kim Hart with back to back browns... Photo: John Bond

Aside from fishing hoppers and other big dries, the streamer fishing has been pretty decent on the Yellowstone this week.  The river has now dropped to 4500 CFS and many of our favorite streamer banks and runs are in great shape with plenty of water to work.  If you have always liked the idea of learning how to fish with streamers but have never given it a chance, give us a call to book a trip.  We’ll do our best to put you on some big ones, but more importantly, let us show you a handful of techniques that you can practice to become a better streamer angler!  1-406-222-7130.

Kim Hart with another beefcake eater... Photo: John Bond

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Hopper Time

JB & Joe McKeown with a nice Yellowstone Cutthroat! Photo: Axandra McKeown

Fish have been looking up and eating hoppers, stones, ants, other terrestrials, and small attractor dries on the Yellowstone this week.  Water temps are staying cool and the fishing has been good right through the afternoon.   Nymphs have been working as well, try any variety of a larger (size #8/10) nymph followed by a smaller (size #14/16) nymph.  Lil’ spankers, tungsten jig PT’s, lightning bugs, prince nymphs, and guide choice hare’s ears have all been popular droppers lately.  Streamers have been working here and there but have been less consistent than dry/dropper or even a single dry.  Give us a call to book a trip!  1-406-222-7130.

Jamie with a swung up hen... Photo: The Rhino

There is a small plug of mud in the Valley today (8/7), from the Lamar but it is to work around it by going way up high or floating town down.

We just got in some new hoppers as well as some old favorites...

David Schifrin and John Bond with a streamer eater... Photo: Aaron Schifrin

"Sorry Bacon" - Big Wave Dave. Photo: Jim Jimmy

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Clarity Report

15 year old H Coble with a nice Yellowstone brown... Photo: Eric Paulson

Good news, bad news.  The bad news is there is a lot of thick near Livingston past Big Timber right now.   The good news is that the river is clearing up high and ready to fish today.  By tomorrow we should be in the clear for a good while, with hopper fishing heating up and fish looking up for dries.   Give us a call to book a trip!  406-222-7130.

Miles Titland with pretty hen... Photo: Tom Titland

It's Miller time! Mike Miller enjoying his first day fly fishing... Photo: Jim Berend

Double Trouble - Mike and Jim keeping a good pace...

All smiles for Miles! Photo: Tom Titland

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Clarity Report

The Warren boys, keeping the tradition alive! Photo: Josh Edwards

As expected, the Yellowstone has been tiger striped with mud this weekend.  We’ve had some excellent fishing in between the mud plugs however, as the fish have been actively looking for food.  Currently there is a larger mud plug coming from the park, which means it will be more difficult to find clear water tomorrow except possibly way down low (as in Columbus).  Today there is plenty of clear water to be found, but it won’t be up high.  Try town down or give us a call for the latest clarity report.  406-222-7130.

Clarity at Carter's bridge today (7/30) at 7:30AM

Clarity at 9th street, (7/30) at 7:20AM

John and David reel in another for the squad...

Brett Edwards with another "hat trick" from yesterday...

Clarity in the valley yesterday (7/29) green and good...

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Clarity Report

Dylan Nostrant with a nice Yellowstone National Park cutthroat...

Today there is a plug of mud from Gardiner reaching down past Corwin Springs (already by 8:00AM).  We suspect this plug will be short since the storms in the Park have been short and the spike on the Lamar wasn’t a huge one.  We will likely experience similar storms the rest of the week, which means the Yellowstone could be tiger striped with mud the next few days.  The Madison has been fishing very well should we need to make a contingency plan, but for now we’ll be working around the mud on the Yellowstone.  Give us a call if you’d like to book a trip!  406-222-7130.

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Rain in the Forecast

Ginny Kibler and Hank enjoying some overcast skies. Photo: Doc Kibler

The Yellowstone was on fire yesterday due to the steady and long lasting cloud cover.  Fish were up and happy eating chubbies, hoppers, ants, and smaller dries.  The nymph and streamer fishing were also pretty solid.  Today’s late afternoon clouds should help out the dry fly bite a little and tomorrow looks party cloudy as well.  By Friday and this weekend we will be on the look out for mud as there is a 40% chance of “hard rain” in the Park the next couple evenings but for now the river looks good.

Forecast in the Park for the next day or two...

Ginny Kibler, this time with a big kype rainbow... Photo: Hank Bechard

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