Yellowstone Fishing Well

Russell Schmidt with a nice brown on the black dragon... Photo: John Bond

The Stone has been fishing well this past week.  A bit of mud has been coming from Yellowstone National Park but nothing that can’t be worked around.  Still a bunch of yellow sallies and caddis on the water.  Streamers have been working here and there, nymphing has been the most effective, with of course a few whitefish coming to the boat on beadhead droppers, but some nice trout as well.  There have been some tricky currents out there so please be careful and have an experienced rower at the helm.  Give us a call to book a trip!  1-406-222-7130.

John Bubnikovich making it look easy! Photo: Marcus McGuire

Jessica Bubnikovich getting hooked on fishing! Photo: John Bond

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Clarity Report

We have some mud in the Valley today... (7/11 at 11:40AM)

There is a short mud plug in valley today.  Guides were able to beat this by either going up high or way down low. Tomorrow this mud should be well past town and it doesn’t appear that more mud is coming immediately after, (meaning the Valley should fish well tomorrow).

Clarity in town this morning (7/11 at 7:55AM)


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Fish Still Hungry

JB & Anthony Power with a fine Birthday Bow! Photo: Kyle Power

The Yellowstone is in great shape and fishing well.  Lots of rubber legs heading out the door but a few nice fish have been caught on top as well as on streamers.  The park has been dodging bullets with late afternoon storms, but one of these days the Lamar might get hit hard.  CFS is still very high so make sure you have a confident oarsmen at the helm.  Town has a couple very large wave trains in it right now and the 89 bridge take out is VERY scary.  Be sure to go left of the large bridge pylon and around rather than going to the right to make the boat ramp.  Pine Creek has a bit of sand at the takeout which may require a 4 wheel drive vehicle.

Kyle Power pulling for pigs... Photo: John Bond

Ron Phillips with a solid streamer eater. Photo: Joe Gilmartin

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Yellowstone Still Fishing Well

Ashby Bell with a nice Cutbow... Photo: Forrest Straight

The Yellowstone is still fishing well.  We had a surprise heavy down pour in town last night but most of it avoided YNP, so we don’t expect to see any mud coming from it.  A few big bugs are still staging near Carbella but most all of the stoneflies have headed up to Gardiner and beyond.  A strong rower and good caster are the keys to catching fish above the canyon on dries.  The nymphing can be very good as well, although the fish up there are usually a little smaller than below the canyon.  Give us a call if you’d like to book a trip!  406-222-7130.

JB and Robert Ebeling with a nice valley brown. Photo: Elizabeth Ebeling

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Happy 4th of July!

Jim Mahoney and JB with a Valley streamer eater.

The Yellowstone is primed and ready.  CFS at Carter’s bridge has dropped to 9,960 while CFS at Corwin Springs is currently 9,870.  It doesn’t looks like we have any rain on the way in the near forecast, so the river should be dropping steadily this week.  If you can get out there and enjoy the river, week/weekend would be a great time to do it.  There is a plethora of bugs out there right now including salmonflies, goldenstones, sallies, caddies, and green drakes.  The nymph fishing has been silly, the dry fly has been spotty but good in certain areas.  The streamer bite has been better up higher, as the heavier hydraulics in town and down low haven’t settled down yet.  Look for these sections to be more productive once the river hits 8,000 CFS at Carter’s bridge.  Give us a call to book a trip!  406-222-7130.

Jonathan Mahoney with solid fish as well!

Chris Mahoney playing clean up!

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Yellowstone Fishing Well

Steve's big cutbow, caught on a salmonfly dry! Photo: Hank Bechard

The Yellowstone has been fishing well the past few days.  Clarity has improved drastically and the river has a nice “green is good” hue to it.  Most anglers have been throwing Salmonfly dries (and nymphs droppers), although the fish have also been eating caddis, coldenstones, sallies, green drakes, and streamers.   There is a 40% chance of thunderstorms in Livingston tonight, but only a 20% chance in Gardiner.   After that the coast looks clear for a while.  Give us a call if you’d like to book a trip!  406-222-7130.

Francis Clougherty with an afterwork brown... Photo: Logan Brown

John Bond Sr. enjoying a little evening paradise... Photo: John Bond Jr.

Katie Morey with a good Valley brown (and signature net hold)... Photo: Frank the Tank

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Late June Fishing Report

Rachel Bechard with a salmonfly dry eater... Photo: Hank Bechard

The fishing in South Western Montana has really been heating up!  Salmonfly Fever on the Madison has flooded Ennis with drift boats, rafts, and wade anglers; however that being said, there have been some very nice fish caught on salmonfly dries this week.  Although flows are still high (and dangerous in sections), guides have been floating the Yellowstone already with marginal success.  We like to fish the Yellowstone at 10,000 CFS or less, (currently CFS is 13,000 at Carter’s and dropping).  The river finally has a hint of green tint to it rather than brown, which is a welcomed change.  The extra elbow room is nice, but likely won’t last long.

Steve Flood on the big bug! Photo: Hank Bechard

John Bond kicking things off... Photo: Maddie

In addition to salmonfly fever, we’ve also seen some epic PMD hatches on the Paradise Valley Spring Creeks.  PMD nymphs have been the way to go in the morning, but starting around 10:00 we have been seeing duns and fishing dries and emergers.  Be sure to eat a late lunch as you’ll want to take advantage of the heat of the hatch.  By 2:00-3:00 things will be slowing down and lunch will start sounding better and better.  If you don’t have dinner plans, some of the best fishing will happen from 6:30-7:00 on for the spinner fall.  Keep an eye on the wind, as the calmer evenings will keep more of the spent spinners in the water.   If you can’t stay late, be thinking ants, beetles, small hoppers from 4:00-6:00.

Most of the PMD's this week have been roughly a size 16...


David and Chase enjoying a great day!

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Lower Madison, Spring Creeks, Lakes

Jash on his first day fly fishing. Photo: John Bond

The Yellowstone is still high and mighty, (currently 15,600 CFS) but in the mean time we’ve been chasing stoneflies on the Lower Madison, fishing big size 16 PMD’s on the spring creeks, and fishing dries on private lakes.  Although we have had some rainy days this week, the fishing has been good.  The Lower Madison has stone flies now.  Be sure to bring your big rubber legs for salmonfly nymphs, although there have been reports of a few adults there as well.  Goldenstones, yellow sallies, caddis, and crayfish are part of the smörgåsbord as well.  The spring creeks have been fishing well, especially in the afternoons.  The first PMD’s of the season are the larger species of PMD’s, ephemerella infrequens.  These range in size from 14-18 and drive the fish absolutely nuts when the hatch is going.  Fishing a large, easy to see PMD mayfly dun or emerger pattern is a treat.  Reports of the hatch have started as early as 10 on some days, but have the thickest after lunch.  We have also heard reports of a small creme body baetis (size 22) coming off, although the big PMD’s will take precedence over these once they are going. Scuds and midge larva are still a great way to catch fish early in the morning.  As always look for a spinner fall in the evening. Private lakes have been fishing well with callibaetis, damsels, and midges.  Depending on the day there has been good dry fly fishing and the fish have been big.  Give us a call to book a trip:  406-222-7130.

Gerry Lenzen with a thick rainbow! Photo: James Anderson

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Spring Creeks and Lakes fishing well

Christina Monaco with a beefy lake brown... Photo: John Bond

With the Yellowstone still high and muddy we have been sending trips primarily to the Spring Creeks and private lakes.  Baetis have thinned off but PMD’s are ramping up with plenty of nymphs crawling around and getting ready to hatch a little later in June.  When the clouds come out the guides have seen a couple PMD dries already but the best dry fly action is yet to come.  Midges have been working well, as have scuds and even small terrestrials like ants and beetles.  Local and private lakes have been fishing very well lately.  Callibaetis dries have started and if the wind isn’t blowing we’ve had some excellent dry fly fishing already.  On windy days nymhing or stripping a leech or small bugger has been working well.

Nice work Kade!! Bye bye Zebco!!


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Snow Pack now down to roughly 120%

Mallard's Rest at roughly 20,000 CFS (6/3)

The Yellowstone has been ripping lately, although cold weather had CFS dropping for a couple days over the weekend.   Has the Yellowstone peaked is the question we are all wondering?  Historically the Yellowstone usually peaks during the first 10 days of June, so we would not be surprised to see water levels come back up over 34,000.  We also wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t but plateaus out at a high CFS (like 27,000 for a while).  The good news is that either way, a lot of snow has already melted and the Upper Yellowstone Snow Pack is down to around 120%, (before this last storm it was down to 119%, now it currently sits at 122%).  With these levels of snow pack, we expect to be fishing the Yellowstone sometime in mid July.

Float at your own risk...

There have been a few people floating the Yellowstone lately but we do not recommend it.  The strong currents and undertows this time of year can be exceptionally dangerous.  People have lost boats by anchoring up in fast water or by not letting out enough anchor rope.  People have hit bridge pylons and flipped, as well as capsized in whirlpools and tricky hydraulics.  In short be smart and safety first.

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