Solid September

Bruce Gottlieb with one of several nice browns... Photo: Eric Paulson

The Yellowstone is still flowing and fishing well.  At 2680 CFS, the Stone is still a couple hundred CFS above the 93 year average with temps ranging from 59-67 degrees daily.  There are plenty of hoppers around and fish are eating them however we are starting to see some of the smarter fish nudging the hopper so be sure you don’t strike to early. A perfectly timed twitch has been the key to fooling these bigger fish on the hopper, or fishing a small nymph or dry behind the hopper.  Ants and beetles have been working well, as have a variety of parachute patterns like the Purple Haze, Parachute Adams, and Hecuba drakes.  There have been some caddis in the evenings as well if you are getting out afterwork or float later in the day…

Paulson with a chunky rainbow... Photo: Bruce Gottlieb


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Lakes Fishing Well

JG with a nice Carp from one of the lakes we fish. Photo: Steven Winkles

Local and private lakes continue to fish well.  There have still been some solid Callibaetis hatches coming off, with some damsels, moths, and of course terrestrials.  In the afternoon as water temps warm up nymphing has been the ticket, with a variety of different flies working well.  If you’ve never gotten the chance to target carp in Montana September is one of the best months to go.  While carp fishing is not best suited for novice or beginner anglers, we are confident that intermediate and advanced anglers stand a good chance to land an 8-15 pound specimen.   Give us a call if you’d like to book a trip!

JG with another golden slab... Photo: Steven Winkles

Kevin and Sam with a morning double!

Attack from the back - Paul Fischer with a solid rainbow!

Bernard's big bow... photo: Marcus McGuire

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Fish Still Looking Up

Darrell Murphy - the hopper strikes again! Photo: Paul Bloch

The fish are still looking up on the Yellowstone and taking dries.  Hoppers and chubbies have been standard fare for a while now but ants and smaller dries are starting to become a staple on the menu as well.  You have to be patient when the bigger fish come up, we’ve seen lots of people pull the fly out of the fish’s mouth too early.  A little micro twitch right at the correct moment has been key to initiate a strike on the larger fish.  There have been plenty of 8-14″ fish that are more eager to eat and we have been seeing a lot of these rise in the riffles and inside foam lines.  Give us a call to book a trip!  1-406-222-7130.

Roy MacDowell having some fun on one of the private lakes. Photo: John Bond

There are still some heavy callibaetis hatches on local on private lakes as well.  Hoppers have been working as well, especially if there is a little bit of a breeze to help blow a couple naturals in.  Give us a call if you’d like to enjoy the day on one of the lakes!  1-406-222-7130.

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Hopper Time Continues…

The A-TEAM van awaits the getaway from Truitt Ellis & JB's river robbery... Photo: Matt Wiggins

The Yellowstone is fishing well with fish still looking up.  Hoppers have been the name of the game, with a variety of droppers, either dry or sub-surface.  CFS (currently 3180) and water temps (averaging 66°) are hanging in there nicely, we are expecting the river to continue to fish well through the end of August on into september.  Give us a call if you’d like to book a trip!  1-406-222-7130.

Matthew Wiggins with another streamer eater... Photo: Truitt Ellis

Janet Lee with a lower river rainbow... Photo: John Bond

Jed's not dead... Photo: Mitch Werbell

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Yellowstone Fishing Well

Julie Berggren and PB with a solid rainbow. Photo: Coleen Howes

The Yellowstone continues to fish well, especially with dries.  Ants, hoppers, mayflies, spruce moths, caddis, and other attractors have been working.  If you are looking for a nymph dropper most folks have been going with a small beadhead over a rubberleg.  Dead drifting streamers has also been productive, especially with a small nymph behind it.  Give us a call to book a trip!  406-222-7130.

Audie Berggren and Marcus McGuire getting things done nicely...

Dick Luechterfeld with a sweet brownie... Photo: Ashby Bell

Local and private lakes are still fishing hot as well...

Local and private (rod fee) lakes have still been fishing well.  There are still callibaetis on the water, usually starting around 10:00 or so in the morning.  Damsels, leeches, scuds, and beadheads have all been working but it has been the most fun to catch them on hoppers…

Siljia with a nice eclipse fish... Photo: John Bond

Richard and Samuel Case with a Eclipse brown! Photo: Hank Bechard

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Solid Dry Fly Action

JG with a nice afterwork dry fly eater... Photo: The Franimal

The dry fly action has been pretty good this past week.  Hoppers, stones, parachutes, ants, and other attractors have all been working well lately as the fish are looking up.  The streamer bite has been slow in general, however if you know the right spots to try, there have been some chasers.  Nymphing has taken the back seat for many, although a few boats are still fishing dry /dropper with success.

Pre-game for the solar eclipse coming up next Monday, 8/21...

We still have a couple boats open for Monday, 8/21 for the solar eclipse trip of a lifetime.  Will all the monster browns in the river rise up and eat mice while the sky does dark???  Hard telling, not knowing – book a trip and find out what happens!  1-406-222-7130.

Rick Hirsch with a nice rainbow up high... Photo: John Bond

Chase and Jim Andrews with the signature move... Photo: Jorie Andrews

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River Looking Good, Mud Likely Tomorrow Up High

Clarity in town today, (8/14 at 7:18 AM) - streamer dream water

The Yellowstone is looking clear and ready to fish from top to bottom today.  It looks a few systems will be hitting the Lamar Valley today, so we’ll likely see some mud tomorrow up high.  Yesterday fished well with dries and today looks like a great day to throw streamers. With the current rain and overcast clouds, water temps will be conducive for a big brown to chase.  Those who are willing to battle the elements today should have a great shot at battling a big fish or two.  Give us a call to book a trip!  1-406-222-7130.

Rand Robbins - streamer for the win! Photo: Mitch Werbell

Brett Edwards with a solid Madison brown...

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Windy today

Erin Huttlinger with a nice brown! Photo: Marcus McGuire

The Yellowstone is looking great but the “W” is blowing a little harder than it has been the last few days.  Other than that conditions are excellent with no mud plugs and plenty of water.  We do have some rain in the forecast for today and tomorrow.  We’ll see what happens, but so far most of the storms that are brewing are north of the Park, which means the Lamar should stay clear.  Either way, we’ll be keeping an eye on things but it looks good for now.   Give us a call to book a trip!  1-406-222-7130.

Jim Berend strikes again! Photo: Mrs. B.

Janis Selvey and John with a nice down low bow. Photo: Michael Selvey

Michael Selvey - Brown Town, MT Photo: Janis Selvey

Plenty of water in the crick...

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Yellowstone Fishing Well

Rex Fowler & Paul Bloch - "Museum of the Lockies" Photo: Rick Schaefer

The river is rocking and rolling with plenty of water for all.  Hoppers have taken over as most anglers are throwing some kind of hopper – either drifting it solo, fishing it with a dry dropper, (like a small ant or parachute), or a nymph dropper, (such as a small rubberleg or beadhead).  Nymphing has also been good but it has been fun to watch bigger fish come up and eat a hopper.  Various colors and sizes have been working, but it seems like peach or flesh have been popular.   Give us a call if you want to get out there!  1-406-222-7130.

Brown, as in Jim Brown...

Judy Maben: 1st fish, most fish, biggest fish! Photo: Bob Maben

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Streamer Fishing on the Stone

Kim Hart with back to back browns... Photo: John Bond

Aside from fishing hoppers and other big dries, the streamer fishing has been pretty decent on the Yellowstone this week.  The river has now dropped to 4500 CFS and many of our favorite streamer banks and runs are in great shape with plenty of water to work.  If you have always liked the idea of learning how to fish with streamers but have never given it a chance, give us a call to book a trip.  We’ll do our best to put you on some big ones, but more importantly, let us show you a handful of techniques that you can practice to become a better streamer angler!  1-406-222-7130.

Kim Hart with another beefcake eater... Photo: John Bond

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