Clarity Report

Clarity at Sacajawea Park, (Sat 4/20 7:35AM)

The Stone spiked quite a bit on the graph today at Carter’s, but looking at it in town it doesn’t look too much dirtier than yesterday.  Water temps were up yesterday which helped the fish bite quite a bit.  Reports from yesterday were good.  Looks worth a shot despite being on the rise, probably a good day to chuck streamers and go for a big one rather than go for numbers.  Looks like decent clarity at the Pine creek web cam for now.  Down low is going to be muddy from the Shield’s.  Give us a call for the latest report or to book a trip.  1-406-222-7130.

The spike at Carter's, (4/20)

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Clarity Report

Hank Bechard with a nice Valley brown. Photo: Cory Wiseman

Clarity is hanging in there so far but with the warmer temps yesterday and today we are expecting things to get a bit dirtier by Sunday / Monday.  At least a lot of the lower elevation snow has already melted which will help.  The river has still been on the slow side, nymph fishing has been the most productive although there have been good pods of fish eating baetis in the afternoons, (as long as the wind doesn’t pick up).  Give us a call to book a trip or for the latest clarity changes.  1-406-222-7130.

Clarity at Sacajawea Park, (4/19 7:45AM)

The Nam family having some fun on the Stone! Photo: John Bond

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The Mighty MO

Jamie VanDyke, under the closer supervision of Captain Christopher Coyne!

The Missouri has been a little tough lately, but still worth going.  Flows have been high, which means more nymphing and less dry fly fishing.  As water temps heat up however, expect to see the fish get more and more excited.  This year we are offering jet boat day trips if you are looking to try something different.  The fish that have been caught have all been hot and clean.  Give us a call for more information of if you’d like to book a guide!   1-406-222-7130.

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Clarity Report

Clarity at Sacajawea, (4/13 8:55AM)

For the best clarity you’ll want to head to the valley.  Carter’s to Sacajawea Park has good clarity, but after that Billman creek is making the town section pretty muddy.  From 89 down is even worse do to the Shield’s.  The spring creeks have been fishing well with the arrival of spring baetis.   On April 15th the rates are going up to $80 per rod.  Give us a call to book a trip or for the latest report.  406-222-7130.



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Clarity Report

Clarity at Sacajawea park, (4/10 7:45 AM)

Things have definitely gotten a little dirtier on the Stone with all the recent rain.  Billman creek, which runs into the Yellowstone behind the lumber yard is making town muddy.  Above that you’ll find clearer water but it is still off color.  The Shield’s has been a mud factory as well, taking down low off the table for a while.  The good news is that we have been seeing beatis out there, a much welcomed change from all the winter midge action!   The Spring Baetis have also shown up on the Spring Creeks.  Give us a call to book a trip or for the latest report as things are changing daily.  1-406-222-7130.

Shield's confluence, (4/9 12:00PM) Photo: Chloe Nostrant

The Shield's River at Convict Grade road, (Sat 4/6 6:30PM)

So far the streamer action has been slow to say the least...

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Clarity Report

Clarity at DePuy's culvert (Sat 4/6 7:50AM)

The Yellowstone was on the rise yesterday and is definitely a little dirtier than it was a couple days ago.  That said, there’s definitely a chance of nymphing a couple up with about a foot or more of visibility.   The streamer bite has its windows but for the most part has been slow.  Expect only a couple fish if you are hucking meat all day.  Nymphing has been decent however, try fishing the slower edges and be sure to get down deep enough.  In the afternoons we have seen some dry fly action in the eddies but nothing crazy.  Still mostly midges in the eddies, although anglers have been seeing baetis on the spring creeks, which means they should be on the river soon as well.  The boat ramps are looking much better now, someone got a bobcat out and cleared the ramps at Loch and Mallard’s.  Mallard’s is open again, however there have been several large rock slides in the area, so don’t park close to the bench if you are going to take a look at the river on the bluff.  Give us a call to book a trip or for the latest report! 1-406-222-7130.

Clarity just above Depuy's culvert, (Sat 4/6 7:52AM)

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Ice Ice Baby

There's still plenty of shelf ice in the valley, (Thursday 4/4 3:30PM)

Looks like it’s about time to start putting away the skis and getting the drift boat out.  People have been floating with reasonable success anywhere from Gardner to HWY 89 Bridge.  Below that the Shield’s is making everything too muddy.   The water temp is still chilly so nymphing is going to be your best bet.  If you do decide to throw streamers, try to get your fly deep and fish it slow.  Dries?  Yeah, it would be worth rigging up a dry fly rod for the foam eddies. Try a big buzz ball, midge cluster, or even a small parachute with a zebra midge dropper in these spots.  As temperatures warm up the Yellowstone is going to be in and out for while.  The rainbows are in the spring creeks now so be careful where you wade and respect the spawning fish.  Give us a call for the latest report.  1-406-222-7130.

"Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it"

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Warmer Weather On The Way

Mallard's now closed until further notice due to a land slide...

Looks like we have a warmer week ahead of us with temps into the 60′s by Thursday and Friday.  With lows in the 33-35 degree range at night we will likely see more mud coming in the near future.  The Shield’s is still muddy but there is good clarity for a while in and above town.  The water temps are still very cold however and the fishing remains slow.  Mallard’s Rest is definitely out for a while, not only is there too much shelf ice at the put in but the access is currently closed due to a land slide.  The Spring Creeks, Madison, Gallatin, and Missouri have all been fishing better than the Yellowstone lately.  Give us a call if you’d like to book a trip or for the latest clarity and boat ramp updates.  1-406-222-7130.

Still plenty of shelf ice at Mallard's Rest, (4/2 8:00 AM)

Sacajawea Park, (4/1 7:45AM)

DePuy's Culvert, (3/30 7:50AM)

Sina Seyedian with a nice Gallatin brown! Photo: William Leidolf

Shield's River Bridge at Convict Grade road - gone! Photo: Logan Brown

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Clarity in and out for a while

Pine Creek Web Cam (Sunday 3/31 3:15)

Down low is still muddy due to the Shield’s pumping in mud, but above 89 the Yellowstone’s clarity improved quite a bit over the weekend.  Certain boat ramps are now open while others remain challenging and even unusable at the moment.  Water temps have been very low with all the melting snow and ice and the fishing has been slow.  As water temps increase, expect the streamer action to get better and better.  We have a good chunk of lower elevation snow now gone, but expect more melting (and mud) to come.  Seems like the slowest water has been the most productive.  Although everyone wants to catch a big brown, smaller streamers have been more productive than larger streamers. We’ve seen a lot of midges hatching but not much interest, especially on brighter days.  The Spring Creeks have been fishing well.  The rainbows are now spawning so please respect the redds.   Give us a call to book a trip or for the latest report as conditions are changing day to day…

Saturday, 3/30

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Still Icy

Grey Bear boat ramp (3/21)

Things are still looking pretty icy out on the Yellowstone.  As nice as the weather is this week, we have to remember just how cold it got (and stayed) most of February!  Most all of the boat ramps on the Yellowstone are currently inaccessible right now, and some sections of the Yellowstone remain completely frozen over.  On top of that, the Yellowstone has gotten pretty dirty in the afternoons, making wade fishing an even better option as you can quit anytime, versus committing to a float where you feel stuck in the mud.  Give us a call for the latest report or if you’d like to book a trip on one of the Paradise Valley Spring Creeks!  1-406-222-7130.

From the Grey Bear bridge, (3/21)

Springdale access, (3/21)

Springdale, (3/21)

HWY 89 Bridge, (3/21)

89 Boat Ramp, (3/21)

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