Clarity Report

Hank and Sharon with her first fish on the fly!

The Yellowstone is going to be tiger striped with mud the next couple days.  The smaller of the two plugs has just about reached town now (Friday 8/9 at 6:30PM) with some clear water above it.  The Lamar spiked badly however, even Soda Butte was muddy today which means up high will likely be muddy tomorrow.  The good news is that the fishing has been good! Give us a call to book a trip or for the latest clarity report.  406-222-7130.

Judy Maben and Brian Sienkowski with a nice brown.

Hank and Rex getting after it...

Hank and Erin with another one...

Kim and John with a nice streamer eater...

John and Kim rolling with the program...

Russell Fagg and John Bond with a boat ramp brown.

Spike on the Lamar (8/9)...

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Hoppers and Stones

John Bond and Matt McCalla with a nice hopper eater...

The hopper fishing has been solid lately.  A long drift seems to be the common denominator as the fish have been eating all sizes and colors.  A tiny twitch here and there can help trigger a fish into eating, but a big twitches that drag the fly have been putting them down.  Chub/rub has also been working, as has nymhing the deeper runs under an indicator.  The streamer bite has been slow to average but that is typical in August on the Stone.

Jamie with a nice brown caught on the swing... Photo: John Bond

Matt with another hopper eater... Photo: John Bond

Chase and Jim with a "double rainbow" up high!

Chase and Lawrence enjoying the day!

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Clarity Report

Moira Lieberman, on fire all day with Paul Bloch...

There have been a few evening rain storms lately that have been adding mud into the Yellowstone mid-valley.  These short plugs have made the Yellowstone tiger striped with mud but anglers have able to work around them.  People have been excited about the hopper fishing with some nice fish getting caught.  Streamers, various colored rubberlegs, and small beadhead droppers have also been working.  Give us a call at the shop for the latest on clarity reports or to line up a trip.  1-406-222-7130.

Derek and John with a nice brown...

Mark and John with another one...

Fish Heroes Bryce Ryan & Ashby save a bow from some dangling jewelry!

Jason Mavel got a slam! (Brown, Rainbow, Cutthroat, Whitefish, & Sucker) Photo: JB


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Clarity Report

The river is looking good up high and in the Vally (8/1 7:15AM)

There was a mud plug that came through the valley yesterday and is currently around Sheep Mountain today (8/1 around 8:30AM).   It is a short plug but if in order to get ahead of it you’d have to go below Big Timber and not pull on the oars very hard.  There is plenty of clear water above however, anywhere from Gardiner to Livingston looks good to go with clearest water being way up high.  Should be a good day for a big one!  Give us a call to book a trip, we have a late cancel for tomorrow (8/2) if anyone wants to get in a boat…  1-406-222-7130.

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Hopper Time

Jarrod Farmer and John Bond with some river gold. Photo: Partrick Fulkrod

Hopper time has started in SW Montana.  The Madison, Yellowstone, and Yellowstone National Park have all been fishing well this past week with terrestrials, especially hoppers.  Looks like a little rain today (Saturday 7/27) but plenty of hot sunny days coming up next week.  CFS at Carter’s has dropped to 5600 which is a good level to find fish hanging near of drop-offs and in the riffles looking for food.  Still lots of caddis out there, especially in the afternoon/evening. Give us a call for the latest report or to book a trip!  1-406-222-7130.

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Clarity Report

Mud in town, (7/25 12:30 PM)

The is a plug of mud going through the valley and town today…  Looks like things are already starting to clear up near Gardiner.  Give us a call for the latest clarity report!  406-222-7130.

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Yellowstone slowing down slightly

Holden Russell with a nice afterwork fish. Photo: John Bond

Following last week’s action the Yellowstone has certainly gotten a little tougher.  That said, some nice fish are still getting caught and the best guides are still doing well, mostly on nymphs or streamers.  The dry fly fishing up high has still been very good however, although there will a be compromise on the size of fish.  We’ve heard reports of a few straggler salmonflies above the canyon, but for the most part they have all moved into the Park. There are still goldenstones and yellow sallies above Yankee Jim canyon however, and the fish have been happy and looking up.

KK Roussino with her first fish on the fly!

John Bond and Cathy Edgar with a good one!

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Clarity Report

High tides, high sides... Logan with a good one. Photo: Dean Poli

Despite the recent afternoon thunderstorms, the Yellowstone is still good to go clarity wise.  With just a couple more big storms on the radar we should be out of the woodworks by wednesday, provide the Lamar doesn’t get hit hard this evening or tomorrow afternoon.   We did just get a mid-day report today (7/15) that there is a little mud mid-valley, which usually happens if a heavy hitting storm falls on 6-mile creek.  But this should be short lasting.  The fishing has slowed down slightly but people are still have fun fishing dries up high.  There are still a few Salmonflies lingering above Yankee Jim canyon although many have moved up into the Park.  Give us a call if you’d like to book a trip! 406-222-7130.

Willie Leidolf with a nice Yellowstone rainbow... Photo: Marshall Kirk

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Salmonfly Fever Continues…

Anthony and Kyle Power, doubled up! Photo: John Bond

The Yellowstone has been fishing well.  Certain days have been better than others, but overall the dry fly action has been solid.  Most boats are still throwing salmonflies up high, with a fair amount of goldenstones, sallies, and caddis on the water as well.   As the river continues to drop the streamer bite is also worth a try, especially if you’d rather not nymph and the dry fly bite slows down.  Salmonflies are also fishing well inside Yellowstone National Park if you feel like a “hike and strike” now is a great time to get out there and enjoy our first national park!

Steve Flood with a nice salmonfly eater. Photo: Hank Bechard

John and Richard with a nice fish from today (7/11)

"The Fever," its a sickness for sure! Photo: Hank Bechard

Stonefly shucks in the Park...

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Lakes Fishing Well

Like father like son! John Bubnikovich with a nice brown of his own!

The Yellowstone has been fishing very well the past few days, but there has also been some great dry fly fishing on both local and private lakes lately.   Damsels, callibaetis, sedges, cicadas and terrestrials have all been working well out there, with a few big fish even looking up and taking the dry.  If you are out here for a few days consider adding a lake day to your trip!  Give us a call to book a guide or for the latest report.  406-222-7130.

Jack Bubnikovich with a big Brookie! Photo: James Anderson

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