Yellowstone fishing well – Call for a visibility report

Greg Ruidl and Brian Sienkowski with a stunning Yellowstone brown! Photo: Jeff Ruidl

The Yellowstone has been fishing well the past few days.  Fish have been eating baetis, hecubas, rubberlegs, streamers and even hoppers.  The recent rainy weather really helped improve the streamer bite today.  The temporary bad news is that all this rain made the Yellowstone muddy and we may have mud for a couple days.  The Lamar had a big spike and the Yellowstone came up in town as well.  There is a chance you could beat the mud by going way low tomorrow, especially if you are willing to go past Big Timber.  Otherwise it looks like we might be fishing the Madison for the next few days, particularly if you want to float the Valley or Town.  We’ll know more in the morning, give us a call for the latest conditions, or to book a trip:  406-222-7130

Like Father like son! Jeff Ruidl with a brown of his own... Photo: Brian Sienkowski

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Entire Yellowstone now reopened

Add another big brown to the tally... Photo: Eric Paulson

Robin Schaffer with a nice Madison bow... Photo: Ashby Bell

The 17.2 mile stretch from Emigrant to Pine creek is now reopened as of today, Friday 9/23.  Now the entire Yellowstone is back open from the YNP boarder to it’s confluence with the Missouri River.  After the closure was lifted we were eager to get on the river and see how it was fishing.  Our guides found some outstanding fishing and it seems that the river is back on track to a healthy recovery. Less whitefish in the Yellowstone means more food and space for the trout to grow larger.  Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks are also telling us that the surviving fish have the ability to build up an immunity towards the parasite, meaning this shouldn’t affect the Yellowstone in years to come.  We’d love to get you out on the water and show you how beautiful and healthy our river is.  Give us a call for the latest report or to book a guide trip… 406-222-7130.

Liz Anderson getting after it on the Stone! Photo: Ashby Bell

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Overcast days to come

Joe Dorn hooked up on dries at DePuy's Spring Creek. Photo: Eric Paulson

If you have the opportunity to get out and fish this week it looks good fishing weather.  The clouds and light rain should bring out decent numbers of baetis, sulphurs, and hecuba.   The streamer fishing should also be a little better than usual.

Clouds all week... bring your baetis


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Fall Fishing starting to settle in

Guide Marcus McGuire and Carla Wessels on the Stone... Photo: Anton Wessels

We are starting to see some nicer brown trout getting caught as of lately.  With the change in air (and water temperatures) the browns are starting to get more aggressive on the Yellowstone as well as on the Madison.  Cutthroat in the Park have been working green and grey drakes, local and private lake fish have been eating well, and the spring creeks have had decent great sulphur and Fall baetis hatches.  Give us a call if you are in the area and want to book a trip!  406-222-7130.

Anton Wessels with a nice slab of butter himself! Photo: Marcus McGuire

Steve Goodwin and guide Josh Edwards a nice lake brown...

The release of a big YNP Cutthroat... Photo: Eric Paulson

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YNP to Emigrant and Pine Creek Down – Now Open for Business

From the Yellowstone "Opener" ... Photo: Logan Brown

New sections opened up on the Yellowstone today – From Point of Rocks to Emigrant and from Pine creek down is now open to all water recreation including fishing.  The Shield’s River also opened up to fishing today.  The only section that remains closed to all water recreation is between Emigrant and Pine Creek.  There are still plenty of stoneflies out, (even some adults).  On cloudy days look for hatches Hecuba and Baetis.  On brighter days terrestrials have still been working.  Bring your patience for the streamer game, or plan on putting your time in…

Not bad for an afterwork brown... Photo: The LBV

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YNP to Point of rocks now open to fishing

A healthy cutthroat caught on a streamer above Carbella last night

FWP opened up another section on the Yellowstone River from the YNP boarder to the new Point of Rocks FAS (located just upstream from the HWY 89 Bridge).  From Point of Rocks to 89 remains closed to fishing and all water recreation with exception that all tributaries are open to fishing.  From 89 down remains open to all water recreation, with exception of the Shields river drainage being closed to all fishing.

YNP to Point of Rocks now open to all water recreation including fishing...


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Yellowstone Re-Open to Fishing from 89 Down!

The Yellowstone is now open to all recreation from 89 down, excluding the Shield's.

Section 1 (YNP to Carbella FAS):  The Yellowstone and its tributaries are now open to all non-angling recreation.  The decision made to keep angling closed is in the interest to continue to protect the native cutthroat trout.  The commission will re-look at opening this section for angling in the near future.

Section 2 (Carbella FAS to HWY 89 FAS):  The Yellowstone River remains closed to all recreation however all tributaries of the Yellowstone in this section, including the spring creeks, (Armstrong’s Nelson’s, and DePuy’s) are now open to fishing.

Section 3 (HWY 89 FAS to HWY 212 bridge near Laurel):  The Shield’s River remains closed to all angling in order to protect native cutthroat trout.  The Yellowstone River and the remaining tributaries (the Boulder, Stillwater, ect) are now open to all river recreation.

Good to go, with no hoot owl restrictions!

The reduced fishing pressure due to the closure was noticeable.  Fish were up rising here and there and fish were much more curious to follow and eat a swung fly.  A boat passed by and the two guys had smiles on their faces that resembled little kids on christmas morning.  Respectfully they didn’t fish in front of me but once they had got about 100 yards down river the guy up front caught a fish on his first cast.  It was nice to see people back out enjoying the river.

Healthy as can be...

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YNP Fishing Great

LB with a nice YNP cutty. photo: Jed "guides day off"

Even with the closures on the Yellowstone outside the park, our guides have been finding some outstanding fishing inside YNP. Most of the fishing is on dry flies, like hoppers, ants and beetles which is always exciting. Our guides have been going into YNP daily and can show you some great spots and some different water. Or if you’ve never fished the park, this is the time to get in there. The entrance fees are free from now until Sunday the 28th, for the 100th anniversary celebration. Give us a call to set up a trip 406-222-7130 or stop by the shop to get YNP licenses and some good flies.

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Other guide trip options: YNP, Upper Madison, the MO, Lakes, jet boat trips and more…

Russ Ray with the results from a great take on a hopper! Photo: Eric Paulson

Now that the Yellowstone (and it’s tributaries) are closed we spreading our trips out to other areas.  Yellowstone National Park, the upper and lower Madison, the Missouri, as well as public and private lakes are all fishing well right now.  Aside from these options we are also booking  jet boat trips as well carp fishing trips to those who are interested. Give us a call to book a guide… 406-222-7130.

Chase Chapman and Audra Kaprive with a typical YNP native cutthroat.

We received an e-mail press release from Yellowstone National Park stating that “At this time the NPS is not considering expanding the river closure inside Yellowstone National Park.  All waters in the park remain open, however to help prevent the spread of any parasites or other aquatic invasive species, it’s imperative that all visiting anglers and boaters completely clean and disinfect their gear (waders, boots, float tubes, boats) before traveling to the park…”  

“In addition, once anglers are done fishing at a site within Yellowstone National Park, they must remove all mud, sediment, vegetation and other debris from waders and boots before leaving that site and traveling to additional fishing locations within the park. All watercraft entering the park must be inspected by NPS staff prior to being launched. Fishing bait is not allowed in the park, and it’s illegal to transport live fish or move fish or other animals among park waters.”

Jed and Shalib doubled up at a local private lake

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Yellowstone River Closed due to Parasite

For more information you can call 1-406-994-4042


The Yellowstone AND ITS TRIBUTARIES are now officially closed to ANY river use until further notice.  This includes fishing, boating, wading, floating, tubing, or any other activity that involves contact with the water).  The reason for all this is due to a parasite that has been killing thousands of whitefish on the Yellowstone and can also effect trout.  The parasite, (Tetracapsuloides bryosalmonae) causes PKD, or Proliferative Kidney Disease and can be deadly, especially during drought conditions.

For more information check out the FWP Press Release:

We are encouraging everyone to clean their boats, wading shoes, anchor rope, trailers, or anything else that has come into contact with the water.  There are mandatory boat washing stations on the Bozeman pass as well as East of town. If you live in Livingston and have floated the Yellowstone please take action yourself and go to a car wash.  Be sure to take your whole anchor rope out and wash it as well (since normally part of this is hidden by your boat).  If possible allow your boat and everything else to completely dry before heading to another body of water.

Dead whitefish, settled in a deep pool of the Yellowstone. Photo: EP

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