Fall Colors on the Stone

Marcus McGuire and Kim Eagle (of Eagles in West Yellowstone) with a nice one!

The Yellowstone is looking clear again and good to go.  The last couple days it has been windy in Livingston (surprise – surprise) but the streamer fishing has been picking up.  Calmer moments through out the days have given us windows of opportunity for dry fly fishing with midges and baetis.  In certain places the leaves are starting to look spectacular along the banks, the next week or so looks like it could be some of the prettiest days to float the Yellowstone.  With the browns getting more active towards fall there is a good chance for a nicer fish.   Give us a call if you’d like to book a trip!  1-406-222-7130.

Hang 20! Surfer Alexandra Valdivieso and Marcus with a good one from last week...

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Clarity Report

Clarity in town today (10/6 7:30AM) - Good to go!

The plug has cleared through town already, making the river fishable from Gardiner to Livingston.  If you are chasing directly behind the mud you might flirt with fishing Mayor’s or 89 down.  The only issue is that we are expecting winds through town up to 30 mph today, so the valley may be a better bet for a more pleasant day on the water…

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Clarity Report

Town stretch - not looking good today (10/5 7:50AM)

We have been following a thick mud plug that is currently from Emigrant to Livingston as of Thursday morning.  Yesterday the plug was from Gardiner to Emigrant, tomorrow the plug will likely be below Springdale to Big Timber.  We think the mud plug came from a landslide on the Yellowstone since neither the Lamar or Gardner spiked.  The good news is that this is a quick clearing plug and we’ll be able to fish successfully behind it.  Today it looks like anywhere from Gardiner to Emigrant will be OK, or you could try way low below Grey Bear / Big Timber.

Yesterday, above Carter's (10/4 7:38 AM)

Jake Semons of Rugged Creek Rods with a Norwegian brown... Photo: JB

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Fall Fishing is Here

The Yellowstone has plenty of water in it - should be a great Fall! Photo: JG

The Yellowstone is flowing at 3220 today, a good 1,000 CFS over the 92 year average flow.  This should translate to a good Fall, wether you are chucking streamers for big, running browns or fishing baetis dries in the foam eddies to smaller risers the Yellowstone has something good to offer you.  We have a couple weeks before we see prime foliage over here – although the town section, (with more exotic transplants), is already starting to look pretty good.  Give us a call if you’d like to spend the day on the water.  The Yellowstone, Madison, Yellowstone National Park, plus local or private lakes are all fishing well.  Bookings are a little busier this time of year than usual, so if you’d like to reserve a guide it’s better to call sooner than later… 1-406-222-7130.

Go Red Wigns! Theresa Nostrant with a good fish... Photo: Jamie Anderson

Katie Morey & Sable with a nice Yellowstone rainbow. Photo: Francis Clougherty

Kelsey Sapp with a solid Madison River Brown... Photo: Chase Chapman

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Clarity Report

Clarity in town (Tues 9/26) looking good to go...

The Yellowstone fished well yesterday and looks good to go today.  The river is clear in Gardiner and looks fine at Pine.  Today would be a great day to get out and dead drift or strip some buggers and streamers.  Yesterday there were quite a few baetis on the water.  Today is calling for partly cloudy, but it would be worth stringing up a dry fly rod so when the clouds come over you’ll already be rigged for dry fly eaters.  Give us a call if you’d like to book a trip! 1-406-222-7130.

John Redpath... on the warpath! Photo: Montana Jed

In addition to the river, there have still been some good dry fly action on local and private lakes as well as on the Paradise Valley Spring Creeks.  During this past week we saw less callibaetis on the lakes and more chironomids.  On the creeks it has been baetis and midges, some days have been incredible with blanket hatches and almost too many bugs on the water.  Other days have been windy and tougher but still worth while.  Give us a call and we can set you up with a guide or help you reserve your own rod fees.

An average brown from one of the lakes we fish...

Double down!

Gerry Lenzen with the better half of his single-angler double!

Ah.... streamer time...

Brett Edwards... first brown on the swing!

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Clarity Report

The browns are on the prowl... Photo: Todd Barber

The river looks good at Pine creek right now (8:00 AM 9/19) but we have some thick mud coming down from Gardiner already.  Today will be fine but we may have to float way down low tomorrow, or float the Madison.  The good news is the Madison has been fishing well and would be a good plan B the next few days.  In the meantime the River has been fishing well and the browns are starting to chase better.  Local and private lakes are also a good option this time of year.  Give us a call to book a trip!  1-406-222-7130.

Jeff Carder with a nice Fall colored brown. Photo: Hank Bechard

Another good looking specimen... Photo: Jeff Carder

It's streamer time!

Chris Hedgebeth and Chase with a nice one... Photo: Eric Lavender

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Spiking at Corwin – Town Looks Great

The Yellowstone looks perfect in town...

We are thankful to have our first big rain in a long time!  Yesterday fished well and there were a lot of baetis on the water with plenty of rising fish happy fish.  Most of these were smaller fish, but a few bigger rainbows were looking at dries as well.  Today looks like an even better day the yesterday to fish streamers, with a socked in sky and low hanging clouds for most the day.  The Lamar did spike significantly and the river is already spiking up high.  Today the best move would be to float from mid-valley down to be in good clear water.  Tomorrow you may have to fish well below town to stay in the clearest water.  Give us a call if you’d like to book a trip, there should be some big fish caught during these cloudy days and after the plug comes through… 1-406-222-7130.

Jeff Crabbe and John with a nice Valley brown... Photo: Armand Haggarty

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Fall is coming…

Panama Phil with a birthday brown!

The river has been a lot less crowded now that school is in session and people have been bow hunting and bird hunting.  With cooler temperatures and clouds in the forecast the rest of the week it’s time to make sure your streamer box and baetis box are looking good.   Give us a call if you’d like to book a trip!  406-222-7130.

John Bond with another one... Photo: Silje

David Lamer reels one one for the team... Photo: JB

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Brown Time

JB and Joel Doub of TMR with a nice one... Photo: JD

The cooler temps seem to be bringing the brown trout out.  Stripping streamers has still been slow but dead drifting them has been working well.  Hopper / dropper has been the most popular combo lately as some nice fish have been caught on nymph droppers.   Give us a call to book a trip!  406-222-7130.

David Lamer, Sushi Paul, JB, and Nick Glass with a late evening brown...

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Yellowstone Fishing Well

John Bond on the brown beef cake... David Lamer

The cooler nighttime temperatures seem to have the bigger fish paying attention the last few days, something we have all been waiting for.  With Fall just around the corner, we are anticipating the streamer bite to improve daily. Give us a call if you’d like to book a trip!  406-222-7130.

Bernard Donges with a typical Yellowstone streamer eater... Photo: John Bond

Chase and West Peterson with the signature move... Photo: Erik Peterson

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