Fall Fishing

Everybody loves rainbows! Raymond Galvan having some fun. Photo: JB

The Yellowstone continues to fish well.  On cloudy days the fish have been looking up for baetis and hecuba drakes.   The leaves are looking good out there right now, it looks like this weekend and next week could be prime time for leaf peeping.  Do yourself a favor and get out there while the weather is nice.  Or if you are after a big brown pick a rainy day and throw some streamers.  Give us a call to book a trip!  1-406-222-7130.

Bonnie and Johnny with a nice Valley brown. Photo: Raymond Galvan

Ray Ray at it again... Photo: JB

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Fall Fishing Settles In

John and Tom Fain with a nice valley brown...

Fall is one of our favorite times to fish the Yellowstone.  The leaves are starting to change and the dry fly fishing has been very good.  Depending on the day, we’ve seen an abundance of bugs on the water, including:  hoppers, baetis, hecuba drakes, and caddis.  We’ve also noticed a lot more angler buying streamers at the bins, (for obvious reasons). Late September is a good time of year to target big browns that are starting to get a little color to themselves.  With kids back in school and many sportsman bird hunting or bow hunting there is a lot of elbow room out there.  Give us a call to book a trip! 1-406-222-7130.

Julia Hanifen with a big hopper eater! Photo: Jamie Benedict

Nicholas Ritter with a nice brown. Photo: John Bond

Thomas Parker and John with a hard fighting valley rainbow...

Kyle Power - cheers to a nice rainbow! Photo: JB

Damion Wylie getting after it... Photo: JB

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Prime Colors in Yellowstone National Park

Chloe with a nice Yellowstone cutthroat. Photo: Kaycee Gilbert

The dry fishing in YNP park has been excellent this past week.  Fall drakes have been the name of the game, although fish are also eating hoppers, flying ants, and other terrestrials as well.  As an added bonus, the leaves are just about in prime right now, and the elk are bugling, making a trip to YNP even more spectacular. Water temperatures have been chilly and the best fishing seems to be in the afternoon once things warm up a bit.   As always, the spots close to the road will be a little busier than those that require a short hike.  If you are unfamiliar with some of these out-of-the-way spots, do yourself a favor and book a trip with one of our guides!  1-406-222-7130.

Kaycee Gilbert enjoying the afternoon... Photo: Chloe Nostrant

Back you go! Kacee with the release... Photo: Chloe Nostrant

Sasha with a nice canyon cutthroat... Photo: John Bond

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Lakes Fishing Well

Mike Warnick with a healthy brown...

Surprisingly the Callibaetis have still been coming off strong on certain lakes private lakes, making for some spectacular dry fly fishing with Callibaetis duns and spent spinners.  In the mornings there have been just enough spent Callibaetis spinners around to keep the fish looking up.  By 1:30 – 2:00 the hatch has been coming off again and driving fish to the dry.  Hoppers have also been working, as well as damsel dries, sedges, and flying ants.  Give us a call to book a trip! 1-406-222-7130.

Jeff Carder - Hello Again!

#selfiesunday Ray and Chase with a nice rainbow...

Spottie Ottie...

Gerry Lenzen with a nice brookie...

KO with a knock out rainbow!

Theresa Nostrant with a nice hopper eater...

Terry Roberson getting in done!

Mr. "Can't keep em off Warnikoff"

River Ray on the lake... Photo: TR

Mike Warnick solidifies another slam - brown, brookie, rainbow, cutthroat!

Fall colors are starting to shine...

Kype hype...

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Still Looking Up for Hoppers

David Deffenbaugh and Paulson with good one! Photo: Frank the Tank

The fish have still been looking up on the Yellowstone.  Hoppers and nocturnals have still been the name of the game and you couldn’t ask for a nicer time to throw dries than right now.  A few trees here and there have started to change of color and it’s a beautiful time to be on the river.   With kids back in school, bird hunters looking for huns and grouse, and bow hunters looking for the one, there has been a little extra elbow room out there.  With these cold nights there has been no need for an early start, lots of people have been meeting guides at the shop as late as 9:00-10:00 and still doing well.  Give us a call to book a trip!  -1-406-222-7130.

Danielle Kirby and Chase Chapman all smiles!

Paulson with hopper eater caught by the photographer, Eric Scott.

Paulson and Frank another hopper eater! Photo: David D.

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Yellowstone Fishing Well

Jack Kingston with his own slice of butter... Photo: John Bond

The Yellowstone has been fishing well this past week.  It’s hard to find a pink/peach hopper in this town right now!  The fish have been looking up for nocturnal stoneflies and small parachute mayfly patterns as well. An ant dropper off the hopper has been a good fly as well.  Streamers and nymphs are also working, especially in the morning before the water heats up and the fish are looking up.  With school in session there are definitely less boats on the water, give us a call to book a trip! 1-406-222-7130

Another shot of Brian Chassy's meat eater... Photo: Jack Kingston

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Yellowstone National Park

Chuck and John with a nice Yellowstone Park Cutthroat

Yellowstone National Park has still been fishing well, and now with school back in session there is a little more elbow room in the NE section of the park.  Anglers willing to do a little hiking have reaped some nice rewards this year, (although we also offer fishing trips close to the roads as well).  There have been a TON of hoppers in the Park this year, as well as ants, beetles, crickets, and drakes.  If you have never fished inside Yellowstone National Park and would like to learn some good new spots give us a call to book a trip!  1-406-222-7130.

The Bear Brothers...

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Clarity Report

Clarity Wednesday 8/29 (7:50AM) - 4 feet of visibility

Seems like yesterdays plug in the upper Valley hasn’t quite hit town yet.  The river looks good again in Gardiner this morning so a float up high would be a good idea today as the mud just went though yesterday and the fish should be hungry.  The morning light is making it hard to tell at Pine Creek, but it looks a little more off color than town, meaning it would be safest to float down low so you don’t get caught by any mud.  The river is still fishing well, with plenty of fish looking up for hoppers and smaller dries.  Give us a call to book a trip! 1-406-222-7130.

Big Red with a nice afternoon streamer eater. Photo: John Bond

JB & Marshall "Maverick" Crown with a nice brown. Photo: Josh Torne

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Clarity Report

Henry with the big brown, Ben with two thumbs up! Guide: Marcus McGuire

There is a little mud coming from the Larmar, now coming through Gardner and heading towards Carbella.  Below Emigrant is going to be good to go today, tomorrow we’ll have to see where the mud ends up but we should be able to work around it by either going up high or way low.  The river fished slow yesterday, although fish were still caught.  With warmer weather today and tomorrow we expect the hopper bite to turn back on quickly.  Give us a call to book, there is a little more elbow room out there (with kids going back to school) and the fish are still looking up and eating dries!  1-406-222-7130.

Big Ben, already living up to his name!

Liz with a nice native cutthroat...

It's got to be the stash! Dave and Chase with a nice Yellowstone bow

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Callibaetis Continue!

Anne Yolitz with a big beefy brown, caught on a callibaetis nymph

Surprisingly the Callibaetis hatches have been hanging on strong!  The past couple days we have been seeing callibaetis spinners on the water early in the morning, (from the day before), with a thick hatch starting around noon to 2:00.  Damsels and dragons have also been around but hoppers have still been the king of bigger dries.  Scuds, damsel nymphs and chironomids have also been working well sub-surface.  Give us a call if you’d like to book a trip! 1-406-222-7130.

Andy "get the net" Martens and Brian Yolitz "Seizing the Day"

Sam Fischer "Hey guys, could I get a little ... help?"

Paul Fischer and Josh Edwards with a tall brown.

Craig Yolitz and Jed with another big brown...

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