Callibaetis Continue!

Anne Yolitz with a big beefy brown, caught on a callibaetis nymph

Surprisingly the Callibaetis hatches have been hanging on strong!  The past couple days we have been seeing callibaetis spinners on the water early in the morning, (from the day before), with a thick hatch starting around noon to 2:00.  Damsels and dragons have also been around but hoppers have still been the king of bigger dries.  Scuds, damsel nymphs and chironomids have also been working well sub-surface.  Give us a call if you’d like to book a trip! 1-406-222-7130.

Andy "get the net" Martens and Brian Yolitz "Seizing the Day"

Sam Fischer "Hey guys, could I get a little ... help?"

Paul Fischer and Josh Edwards with a tall brown.

Craig Yolitz and Jed with another big brown...

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Yellowstone Fishing Well

JB and Mark Kinner with an old Buck Shot brown... Photo: Mr. Stone

The Yellowstone has been kicking out some nice fish lately!  Hoppers have been the name of the game although small nymphs, rubberlegs, evening caddis, and streamers have also been working well.  The river is still a little dicey in spots, (especially between Pine Creek and Springdale), so be sure to have an expert oarsmen at the helm if you choose a float within this section of the river.  More people have flipped rafts and boats than just about any other year we can think of.  The good news is the big water has remained nice and cold and the fish have been eating well in the afternoon.  Give us a call to book a trip!  1-406-222-7130.

Jed and Tom with a nice brown!

Deano the Machine-o! Photo: Logan Brown

Dr. Steve with a nice Valley brown... Photo: JB

Way to go Evan! Photo: Josh Edwards


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Hoppertunity Continues

Joe Stifflemire and Chase Chapman enjoying a day up high.

The river has still been fishing well, especially in the afternoons.  There are lots of hoppers out this year and the fish have been looking up!  Last winter’s generous snow pack is still giving the river plenty of cool water and the fish are in great shape.  Lots of happy clients, give us a call to book a trip!  1-406-222-7130

Danielle Pease with a nice getaway brown... Photo: Lars Axelsen

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Yellowstone Still Fishing

Paul Fingersh with a nice hopper eater! Photo: Eric Paulson

The Yellowstone has gotten a little tougher but still fishing well.   As we enter further into August we will continue to see a shift from stoneflies to hoppers.  Other terrestrials such as ants, beetles, and crickets have also been working well.  All it takes is seeing one or two big browns come up off the bottom and suck down your hopper to commit to dry fly fishing the rest of the day!  Nymphing has still been effective however as has throwing streamers.  Give us a call to book a trip with some of Montana’s best guides and outfitters.  1-406-222-7130.

Doug Crowther with a big native Yellowstone Cutthroat! Photo: Sarah Crowther

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Callibaetis Hatches Still Thick

"Chedwards" Chef Edwards on the grill...

There have still been some thick callibaetis hatches on our local and private lakes.  With solid spinner falls early in the morning, many fish have been looking up to eat early, (depending on the wind).  With enough spent spinners to last until lunch, and a mega hatch of fresh callibaetis starting around 1:00 PM, the dry fly fishing has been solid. Hoppers, crickets, damsels, and ants are also working well.  Give us a call if you’d like to book a trip, there are some big fish to be caught right now!  1-406-222-7130.

Sam Fischer and Jamie with a nice rainbow. Photo: Big Kev

Kevin with a nice pre-lunch callibaetis spinner eater...

Brad Lutovsky putting in the work...

Scott Anderson having some fun!

Brad Klein enjoying a nice summer day...

Derek and Sadie working some rising fish.

A typical lake rainbow

Flora from the lake

Paul Fischer puts one in the net...

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Hopper Time

Bud and Bond enjoying a day in the Valley... Photo: Kim Hart

The hopper bite has been quite good this week.  Guides have been fishing hoppers all day with success, although the afternoons have been the best.  We have a bunch of hoppers around this year, if you are listening, you’ll probably here them clicking their wings along the banks.  The past few days it has been windy enough to blow some into the river which is good for the bite, although slightly more difficult to row and cast.  Fish have also been eating streamers, (as well dead drifted buggers, rubber legs, and beadheads).  Lots of sun in the forecast the rest of the week, give us a call to book a trip!  1-406-222-7130.

Kim with a "Hart" of Gold ... Photo: John Bond

And another one bites the bug! Kim Hart roping 'em in. Photo: JB

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Clarity Report

Clarity in town today (8/5 at 6:45AM) is looking good...

The west channel on 9th street island, far to low to float but looking good

There have been some pretty hard rain and even hail storms hitting in the afternoons.  The good news is that the plugs from the Gardiner and Lamar were short and already well past town.  No more new spikes on the Lamar (so far) however it looks like we will be getting another heavy afternoon storm today.  As always give us a call for the latest report or to book a trip!  1-406-222-7130.

The Warren Wrecking Crew... coming through! Photo: Josh Edwards

Aside from the storms (and drops in barometric pressure), the fishing has remained solid.  Lots of hoppers headed out the doors these days, as well as chubbies, rubberlegs, zonkers, and soft hackle beadheads.  Fish have been looking up and quite a few have been eating dries, especially in faster water.  If you see a fish come up and look at your hopper but not take it right away, give it a little twitch to make the legs kick.  This can often make the difference between an eat and a refusal…

Dawn Sima - "nailed it!" Photo: John Bond

Matt with a nice Paradise Valley Cutthroat...

Roberto getting after it in!

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Safety First – Dangerous Waters

Recovery teams are still working below 89...

The Yellowstone has dropped under 6,000 CFS.  While certain sections of the river have really shaped up well, others have become dangerous.  Sections to avoid include Yankee Jim Canyon, Pine to Carter’s, Carter’s to 89, 89 to Springdale, and Springdale to Greybear.  We highly recommend avoiding these sections unless you are 100% confident on the oars in scary / tricky situations.   Mayor’s to Springdale has been re-opened as of 9:00PM last night (7/29), smaller teams will continue the search as it transitions from rescue to recovery.  If you plan to use 89 take out (which we don’t recommend now), it is best to go to the left of the far right bridge pylon, rather than going to the right which has a bad hydraulic in it.  Once you pass the pylon on the left side, a strong rower can still make the take out.  There are also some fast waves along the cliff walls between Mayor’s and 89 to watch out for.  Accidents can happen at anytime, to any rower.  Until CFS drops and things are less sketchy, we recommend floating anywhere from Carbella to Mallard’s, or anywhere from Otter Creek (in Big Timber) down to Twin Bridges (above Columbus). When in doubt, if you “don’t know, don’t go.”

Unrelated to Friday's accident, this happened between Pine and Carter's

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Yellowstone Fishing Well

Brian Sienkowski and the Kipp Bros getting after it...

The Yellowstone has been fishing well this past week.  With flows under 6,000 the river is taking shape and many of the shelves, riffles, and drop offs we all enjoy fishing are in prime time levels.  Hoppers are starting to work well and we have heard of some big fish being caught (and lost) on them.  Caddis have been working still in the evenings, as have ants and smaller dries.  Chub/rub is always a good combo and after you have caught a few fish on dries and droppers you might consider stripping a streamer for a while.  Give us a call if you’d like to book a trip! 1-406-222-7130.

Corwin Kipp with a nice brown... Photo: Brian Sienkowski

Got 'em! Photo: John Bond

John Kipp with a nice brown... Photo: John Bond

Mike Rosol having some fun out there! Photo: John Bond

Miles Titland with a fine specimen... Photo: Tom Titland

Chloe Nostrant with a dry fly eater... photo: Will Phelps

Anthony Morabito with a solid Yellowstone rainbow... Photo: Chloe Nostrant

Will Phelps, hogies all day, 'er day! Photo: Chloe Nostrant

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Dry Fly Fishing on Local and Private Lakes

Josh Edwards and Harry Ano with a nice brown. Photo: Bob Bergquist

Dry Flies have been working well recently on local and private lakes.  Callibaetis duns and spent spinners have been some of the best patterns, as well as damsel dries, traveling sedges, hoppers, and other terrestrial patterns. Depending on the day, it might not hurt to add a sub-surface dropper, but many times only one single dry is getting things done.  Give us a call to book a trip!  406-222-7130.

Josh and Harry with another one... Photo: Bob Bergquist

Paradise Valley, always a beautiful backdrop...

Chase and Vince Herrera a nice lake rainbow...

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