Hardy 1 pc ProAxis 8 weight

Best Streamer Rod Ever?

In our 2011 8 weight shootout, we gave Hardy’s new 1pc ProAxis 8 weight props for being one of the best casting 8 weights ever made.  It feels as light as a 6 weight, casts accurately at all distances, and is one of the few 8 weights that can truly handle a 300 grain sinking line.  It’s the perfect rod for throwing two big tandem streamers on the Yellowstone, yet it still feels light and has the finesse to fish tiny trickles of water.  The softer more flexible tip is great for casting in close, but also allows you to give your fly an unbelievable “twitch”.  In short, we feel it is the most well rounded rod out there and is fun to fish anywhere.  It didn’t win our shootout because it wouldn’t have been fair to compare it to the other rods, which were 4 pc models.  We wish we had an Loomis 1 pc NRX 8 weight at the time of the shootout, since we know from several trusted sources that the Cross Current Pro 1 pc rods are outstanding.  The NRX 1 pc rods are supposed to hit the market soon, but for now the Hardy 1pc 8 weight has everything beat in our opinion – except when it comes to transportation.  As long as you make some kind of tie down strap for your boat’s rod holders, they toe nicely behind your rig.  If you ever needed a reason to invest in a Titan Rod Vault, this is it.  Otherwise, they are only 8’10” and fit inside most cars without bending.  But who cares, once you have this rod in your hands, your enhanced fishing experience will be well worth any trivial travel hassles. For around $35.00 you can ship these rods anywhere in the continental US (without a box).   What about the Hardy 1 pc Zenith 4-7 weights soon to come out?  Equally incredible.  We think these 1pc rods are worth it but you be the judge.  If you live in trout country and love to fish streamers, you really should stop by a shop and at least give one a wiggle…

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