Callibaetis Hatches Still Thick

"Chedwards" Chef Edwards on the grill...

There have still been some thick callibaetis hatches on our local and private lakes.  With solid spinner falls early in the morning, many fish have been looking up to eat early, (depending on the wind).  With enough spent spinners to last until lunch, and a mega hatch of fresh callibaetis starting around 1:00 PM, the dry fly fishing has been solid. Hoppers, crickets, damsels, and ants are also working well.  Give us a call if you’d like to book a trip, there are some big fish to be caught right now!  1-406-222-7130.

Sam Fischer and Jamie with a nice rainbow. Photo: Big Kev

Kevin with a nice pre-lunch callibaetis spinner eater...

Brad Lutovsky putting in the work...

Scott Anderson having some fun!

Brad Klein enjoying a nice summer day...

Derek and Sadie working some rising fish.

A typical lake rainbow

Flora from the lake

Paul Fischer puts one in the net...

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