Clarity Report

Clarity in town today (8/5 at 6:45AM) is looking good...

The west channel on 9th street island, far to low to float but looking good

There have been some pretty hard rain and even hail storms hitting in the afternoons.  The good news is that the plugs from the Gardiner and Lamar were short and already well past town.  No more new spikes on the Lamar (so far) however it looks like we will be getting another heavy afternoon storm today.  As always give us a call for the latest report or to book a trip!  1-406-222-7130.

The Warren Wrecking Crew... coming through! Photo: Josh Edwards

Aside from the storms (and drops in barometric pressure), the fishing has remained solid.  Lots of hoppers headed out the doors these days, as well as chubbies, rubberlegs, zonkers, and soft hackle beadheads.  Fish have been looking up and quite a few have been eating dries, especially in faster water.  If you see a fish come up and look at your hopper but not take it right away, give it a little twitch to make the legs kick.  This can often make the difference between an eat and a refusal…

Dawn Sima - "nailed it!" Photo: John Bond

Matt with a nice Paradise Valley Cutthroat...

Roberto getting after it in!

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