Yellowstone Fishing Well

Brian Sienkowski and the Kipp Bros getting after it...

The Yellowstone has been fishing well this past week.  With flows under 6,000 the river is taking shape and many of the shelves, riffles, and drop offs we all enjoy fishing are in prime time levels.  Hoppers are starting to work well and we have heard of some big fish being caught (and lost) on them.  Caddis have been working still in the evenings, as have ants and smaller dries.  Chub/rub is always a good combo and after you have caught a few fish on dries and droppers you might consider stripping a streamer for a while.  Give us a call if you’d like to book a trip! 1-406-222-7130.

Corwin Kipp with a nice brown... Photo: Brian Sienkowski

Got 'em! Photo: John Bond

John Kipp with a nice brown... Photo: John Bond

Mike Rosol having some fun out there! Photo: John Bond

Miles Titland with a fine specimen... Photo: Tom Titland

Chloe Nostrant with a dry fly eater... photo: Will Phelps

Anthony Morabito with a solid Yellowstone rainbow... Photo: Chloe Nostrant

Will Phelps, hogies all day, 'er day! Photo: Chloe Nostrant

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