Winter Chill

Sam Fischer, enjoying a "warmer" 9° day on the creek last week...

The fishing last week was frigid to say the least, but people were getting out there still.  Most all of the fishing last week was on the Paradise Valley Spring Creeks, (Armstrong’s, Nelson’s, and DePuy’s), where the water temperatures come out of the ground around 52°F.  All the typical winter fishing problems were present – ice build up on the guides, wind gusts affecting your drift, frozen fingers and toes…  Only you can decide if spending a day on the water when it is this cold is worth while or not.

Lil' Armstrong's brownie from last week...

Release a DePuy's rainbow (2/17) ... Photo: Brett Edwards

Another DePuy's brown from Sat 2/17. Photo: Brett Edwards

The river has too much slush ice in it to fish.  With colder temps in the negatives the next few days the river might freeze over completely again…

Mallard's Rest on 2/19 - not quite frozen over yet.

Pine Creek Bridge 2/19

The fishing has been slow, but the swimming has pretty good lately...

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