Lakes Fishing Well

JG with a nice Carp from one of the lakes we fish. Photo: Steven Winkles

Local and private lakes continue to fish well.  There have still been some solid Callibaetis hatches coming off, with some damsels, moths, and of course terrestrials.  In the afternoon as water temps warm up nymphing has been the ticket, with a variety of different flies working well.  If you’ve never gotten the chance to target carp in Montana September is one of the best months to go.  While carp fishing is not best suited for novice or beginner anglers, we are confident that intermediate and advanced anglers stand a good chance to land an 8-15 pound specimen.   Give us a call if you’d like to book a trip!

JG with another golden slab... Photo: Steven Winkles

Kevin and Sam with a morning double!

Attack from the back - Paul Fischer with a solid rainbow!

Bernard's big bow... photo: Marcus McGuire

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