Yellowstone Fishing Well

CFS on the Yellowstone has finally dropped into great shape... (yesterday 7/14)

The flows on the Stone have dropped to 7,520 CFS in town and the river is back to “green is good.”  Big bugs are long gone but fish are rising up and eating caddis in certain spots.  Most folks are still throwing nymphs or streamers, going for a big one.  The Valley has still be the dominant stretch of water for both numbers and larger fish but people are starting to float other sections now as well with limited success.  If you decide to float town it is safer to pull out at Mayor’s Landing since the 89 bridge pillars are making a sketchy hydraulic right at the take out.

Sophia Burton, capturing more than just new wisdom this trip! Photo: Uncle Hank

Preston Burton with a nice Yellowstone brown. Photo: Hank Bechard

Becca Huyard with a solid sunny day brown... Photo: Hank Bechard

The Dickerson boys - doubled up! (38 more to go) ... Photo: Hank Bechard

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