La Zona fishing report

Logan Brown with a slab of Uruguay River gold...

George with a Sorubim Catfish, locally known as a "Tulevi"

When we heard about a river in northern Argentina that held the biggest golden dorado in the world we had to check it out. After a long day of travel we arrived at La Zona fishing lodge. The lodge is right below El Salto Grande dam and La Zona has exclusive rights to fish the one kilometer below the dam. That 1 km is only open to fishing for four days and it is closed for three days to rest it.  Many times you are fishing the “turbines” where the water releases and hydraulics are impressive to say the least (lifejackets are required).  All we can say now is WOW!!!!  The fishing experience is like nothing we’ve ever seen with more life in the water than almost anywhere on earth.  The fishing wasn’t bad either.  After 4 days George and Logan caught many dorado over 20 pounds with 3 fish over 30, and three sorubie catfish over 40 pounds. More details, photos and videos to come but we will most definitely be going back in 2017.  Call or email the shop if you are interested in joining us for an amazing adventure.

George with a nice GD...

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