White fish on the spawn…

Rainbow champ, Travis Camp! Photo: Eric Paulson

John Gander getting after it again. Photo: Bob Bergquist

CFS on the Yellowstone is currently around 1600, which is quite low for this time of year.  The good news is that water temps have been low (currently 56-62).  Another advantage of low water is that the guides have a better idea on where the fish are holding and where they are not holding.  Fishing has been tough for anglers that have not been on the river frequently, so if you really want to get into fish, (particularly the big browns) it would be smart to book a guide, at least for a day to get things figured out (like the flies and type of water to be focussing on).  Several folks have lost big fish the past few days, but that’s just the way it goes with big browns.  Aside from terrestrials and fall drakes, the whitefish are now spawning as well, which gives the trout an added food source this month.  Give us a call if you’d like to book a trip.  406-222-7130.

The browns are starting to color up nicely... Photo: Mitch Werbell

Lunch time fish ... Photo: Jedwards

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