Salmonflies in Yellowstone National Park

Salmonflies?? Yes - there's still time!

Are the salmonflies still around?  The answer is YES, there’s still time to catch the fabled salmonfly hatch, however now it is within the park boarder.  With thousands of big bugs still in the Canyon section of the Yellowstone, (and even above the main falls) the dry fly fishing has been nothing short of epic.  Both salmonflies and goldenstones are thick and the native cutthroat trout are excited to feed on them.  The tributaries of the Yellowstone have also been fishing very well.  You’ll need a separate license to fish inside Yellowstone Park – 3 days: $18, 7 days: $25, season: $40.  You’ll also want to get an early start to get ahead of the bear and bison jams.  The best fishing will require a hike so be sure to bring your bug and bear spray.  Easier hikes located close to the road can be as short as a few hundred yards.  Be sure to get here early in these spots as everyone loves easy fishing close to the road.  We arrange longer guided “hike and strike” trips lasting anywhere between 2-15 miles (round trip).  Rates for 1 or 2 people are $525 or 3 people for $675.  The dry fly fishing inside the Park is hands down the best wade fishing option we have right now.  The water is cool and the fishing is hot, give us a call to book your next adventure! 406-222-7130.

Awe, shucks...

An average native YNP cutthroat, this is more of a numbers game instead of size...

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