Lakes still on fire!

Up and coming guide Forrest Lewton with a hog bow...

While we are waiting for the Stone to clear, (most votes are coming in between 6/15 – 6/20), we have been fishing on other rivers, lakes, and the spring creeks.  Of all these options our best fish have been coming from private lakes.  Now is a fun time to fish lakes as the bigger fish are hungry and haven’t been caught yet.  The Upper Madison is starting to clear up again which will be a good option.  The Big Hole has been fishing if you are up for a drive, as has the MO.  Most people have been fishing the upper section of the MO but now that the Deerborn is dropping hard angler pressure will be distributed better.  The Bighorn has been tougher fishing since they have raised the levels to keep water in the reservoir in check.  The spring creeks here in paradise valley are really ramping up for PMD’s and we have already seen a handful of dries.  The hatch will get better and better until it peaks around late June / early July.  If you are thinking of spending a day on DePuy’s, Armstrong’s, or Nelson’s give us (or them) a call soon as the rods are nearly all booked.

Nothing like taking a little break from work for the afternoon...

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