Caddis on the Lower Madison

Eventing Caddis on the Lower Madison (4/30)...

Now that the Yellowstone has blown completely we are headed to the lower to catch Mother’s Day Caddis.  And the caddis are THICK.  Unfortunately, so are the crowds but that is expected at this point.  Although the water is still a bit murky and it seems like some of fish have “gorged” themselves full of caddis, there are still some really healthy, stout trout to be caught.  If you see fish rising by all means try to catch them on caddis dries.  If you don’t see much surface activity during that part of your day try a mix of dead-drifted crayfish, worms, smaller streamers, and nymphs with a little flash in their body or legs.  It’s been pretty spotty, so if you catch one expect to catch another in the same general area.

Bugs, lots of 'em...

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