Dry Fly Fishing Still Hot on the Stone!

Amy Harmer and outfitter Brian Sienkowski with another nice Yellowstone Brown.

Brian and Greg Ralston with a hopper eater

The Yellowstone continues to fish well with dries.  Nocturnals are starting to slow down although we’re still seeing some empty shucks here and there.  Hoppers are still working well, although we’ve noticed a lot more small hoppers going out the doors this week, primarily sizes 12-14.  The problem with fishing little hoppers is many of them have such a small hook gap that it is difficult to hook or keep fish on.  Some our our better small terrestrials include Solitudes foam hopper, black magic, Henry’s Fork Hopper, Grand Hopper, Turk’s Tarantula, Amy’s Ant, Dave’s Hopper, Joe’s Hopper, Parachute Hopper, Whit Hopper, or other natural-non foam hoppers.  If you’re sticking with dries, try a parachute adams, wulff, or other attractor dry even on bright days.  If you fish nymphs beware of the whitefish!  Streamers have also been working but mostly dead-drifted with a rubberleg behind it…

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