Stone fishing slow

No Ice for now... (aside from Paradise Valley)

Lil' brown on the swing....

The Yellowstone has been fishing pretty tough lately, (at least for big browns).  We’ve heard of some pretty decent reports lately, nothing huge but some good fishing getting caught on streamers.  Believe it or not dries have been fishing the best for us.  Find some foam and throw a midge cluster or even parachute adams or purple haze.  You’ll be surprised by how easy it is to fool 16″ and under fish.  If you are looking for the hog however, it’s going to take some due paying.  We’ve all been fishing hard at lunch and on days off with little to show for it.  At least it’s fishable, last winter the river was constantly full of slush ice.  If you do throw streamers, try dead drifting them or at a bare minimum slowing your retrieve down drastically.  The fish aren’t chasing to begin with and they certainly aren’t chasing streamers flying past their heads at summer strip speeds.  Swinging has also been slow but working here and there.  Unfortunately it has been pretty windy lately too which isn’t necessarily a plus.  Give us a call for the latest ice and wind reports.  406-222-7130.

Yellow, black, olive, white, tan... it all works (IF they're in the mood that is)...

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