Spring Creeks

Evening fishing on Armstrong's Spring Creek

David Nostrant on Armstrong's...

The Spring Creeks have been fishing well lately, especially during moments with cloud cover and little wind.  Unfortunately those conditions are often few are far to come by this time are year.  Never-the-less, they do happen and when the universe aligns we’ve had some truly spectacular midge dry fly fishing.  Yesterday at Armstrong’s it was windy nearly the entire day but the storm broke in the afternoon and for about half and hour it seemed like every fish in the creek was up eating midge dries.  A size #20-22 harrop hanging midge was the best fly, as it was easy to see, floated well, and looked just like the naturals coming off.  If the wind is blowing, then small streamers or nymphs will also work.  For some reason there are quite a few weeds on the creeks right now, however there are plenty of spots with less weeds that are fishing well.  If you’re favorite areas are thick with weeds you may have to find another area to fish.  Don’t immediately write those areas off completely however, as there could be fish hiding underneath the moss pads, waiting for the right conditions to feed.  Rates on the creeks are $40 a day right now and have been reasonably uncrowded compared to the summer.  If you have the day off, take a look at the weather and if it looks cloudy with wind under 10 mph, give one of the creeks a call.

Nelson's Spring Creek...

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