“Should have been here yesterday”

Mother's Day Caddis... 5/15

It’s not what you want to hear and not what we want to say, but it’s the truth.  The past couple days over here have been the best caddis dry fly fishing we’ve seen in 5 years, but unfortunately the mud has caught up.  With spikes on the Lamar, Gardiner, Corwin, and even Carter’s the river is rising and likely not worth the effort.   Town is still a viable option for streamer throwing junkies but DFO anglers better head elsewhere.  Snow pack is sitting pretty at 157% for the Upper Yellowstone drainage so hopefully the high 60°F temperatures this week will help get some of that snow out of the mountains.  Depending on how hot it gets and how wet of a spring we get, we should be back fishing on the Yellowstone by the third week of July.

A nice junior varsity brown on the black beef cake...

Confluence of the Shield's (5/16)

Egg layers at work...

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