Pine to 89 worth a try

Clarity in town 4/19 - East channel 2-3 feet Lumbar Yard Channel < 6" of vis

Despite the increased volume on the Yellowstone (looks like CFS @ Corwin is staring to spike), the clarity is looking good in town and will likely be fine from mid valley down to 89.  Sounds like there is mud at mile marker 26 already… Below 89 the Shield’s is kicking in enough mud to make a lower float a home run or strike out.  While the Stone hasn’t been incredible for numbers lately it’s still a great time to go for a big one with streamers.  Hopefully the increased CFS has pushed a few big browns to the rip rap banks which is always fun streamer fishing.   Get deep and strip slow, water temp will likely stay under 50°F  today.  Good luck, if you go we hope you get a big one…

Clarity above the Shield's River is looking good (Photo: 4/18)

Town Brown - 4/17

The Yellowstone isn’t exactly on fire, but streamer anglers can expect to catch 1-5 fish in the 18-23 inch range.  As you know, the possibility of catching the one is always good in late April…

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