Silly Chilly

Slush ice has been making things difficult lately...

The outlet of Depuy's, looking (& feeling) cold as ever...

More extremely cold weather moved in this past week, bringing air in temperatures as low as -29°F.  Add a 15 mph wind to that and the fishing has been unbearable, even with a good pair of neoprene gloves, a warm hat, and a winter buff.  This weekend and next week looks better, but with highs between  22 – 36°F are still looking too cold to make fly fishing worth while as there will be too much slush ice flowing in the river.  If any place might be worth rigging up a rod and putting on your waders, the Spring Creeks are it.  Rates are $40 until 4/15, with very little foot traffic, especially when temperatures are under 40°F.  Dress appropriately as frostbite and hypothermia are a real possibility.  Plan on frequent car “breaks” to warm up your fingers and toes.

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