Yellowstone Fishing well

Little town brown, on the swing...

The whole river seems to be fishing well right now…  No surprise, most all of the larger browns have been caught on streamers.  White, olive, black, yellow… almost all the standard colors have been working well.  The fish are getting a little “nippy” out there, so if you are fishing larger patterns, a stinger hook is a good way to go, especially if you are swinging the Stone.  As for hatches, there’s been at least an hour of dry fly fishing everyday (we’ve seen baetis coming off after lunch, say around 2:00-3:00).  Unfortunately it’s been mostly smaller fish keying in on them, but it has been fun to pick up a few fish on dries and then go for a big one on a streamer.  Looks like we have some clouds in the forecast over the next few days… which could be better for dry fly fishing as long as the wind stays in check.  The leaves are just about prime – making it one of the most beautiful times to fish the Yellowstone.   Give us a call for a wind report or to book a trip!  406-222-7130.

This brown ate a black string leech on the swing afterwork...

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