Creeks and Small streams

Theresa Nostrant with a nice small stream brown ...

Jedwards with a colored up creek cutty... Photo: Matt Carara

With the Yellowstone muddy and the Madison busy we’ve been fishing local smaller streams as well as the Paradise Valley spring creeks.  The Spring Creeks are now down to $75 (through October 15th), making rod fees slightly more affordable (and a lot more elbow room to boot).  Hatches have been weather dependent, with midges coming off in the morning daily.  On warmer, cloudy days we’ve seen some fall baetis (size 18-22) as well as some tiny may flies (22-24) may flies.  A female trico pattern is the perfect match for these.  Before the hatches start, scuds and midge larva have been catching fish.  Streamers in the evening have also been effective, especially in sections of the creek with faster moving water.  As for local small streams in our area, the browns are getting significantly more aggressive and with this change in weather, have been crushing streamers.  This style of fishing has been far less technical than the creeks and basically comes down to covering as much water as you can…

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