Clarity Report

Harold Dunaway and Bob Bergquist with a big brown...

John Stamatis of CT and Paul Bloch with a good fish... Photo: Even Gillette

The Yellowstone has some thick mud coming down the Valley today, which means that floats tomorrow will likely be safest on the Upper or Lower Madison.  There’s a chance the Yellowstone will be clear enough to float above Yankee Jim, check the electric peak webcam for the water to clear up high.  Floating down low tomorrow will be difficult unless you are prepared to drive to twin bridges (down by Columbus).   The Madison fishes quite well this time of year, which is are go to plan “B.”  Although the fishing was windy down low today (steady 20 mph wind with gusts up to 40 mph) the browns were definitely eating.  Try a mix of dead drifted streamers and nymphs if the water is clear.  Once the mud goes through try a mix of yellow, white, “flashy” or black streamers as the river is clearing.  As long as we don’t get more rain in the park tonight (20% chance) we expect the river to be good to go for this weekend…


Even Gillette answers back! Photo: John Stamatis

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