PMD’s on the Creeks

Pale Morning Duns are coming off in good numbers on the creeks right now...

We’re please to report that this year has been a good year PMD’s on the spring creeks.  Armstrong’s, Nelson’s, and DePuy’s have all had really good hatches lately.  We’ve also heard good reports from other spring creeks in the area such as Benhart and Thompson’s.  Sometimes wind can be an issue on the Paradise Valley spring creeks, (especially for putting down the evening spinner fall), however calmer days have made for some fantastic dry fishing on small patterns and light tippet.  The hatches have more or less been occurring between 9:30/10:00 to 2:00/3:00, but depending on the day, can start earlier and go later.  As always, it’s not a bad idea to get out early and “stake” your claim on a dominant riffle or tailout.  Now that we’re in the height of the season, “rods” are difficult to aquire and are $100 per angler.

René Harrop's "dual colored" orange biot PMD's have been especially popular this year...

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