Stone on the drop

Dropping hard...

Jedwards with a streamer eater... Photo: "Burning Man"

The Yellowstone is fishing again.  The visibility is between 1.5  and 2 feet in town with a “green is good” color to it – perfect for fooling those bank dwellers on streamers.  We haven’t seen any salmonfly dries yet but it looks like the stone is shaping up for one of the best stonefly hatches (and water levels for it) that we’ve seen in years.  Stop in and stock up on salmonfly dries and gold chubbies, if you haven’t heard there will undoubtedly be a shortage of these this summer (along with any other of your favorite Idylwilde patterns).  Look for big bugs to start around Loch Leven and work their way up river.  Town down will be a better bet for a large fish, although please keep in mind this section of the river has some nasty high water hydraulics this time of year.  When in doubt, be safe and float the valley…

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