Less than a foot of visibility

Plenty of caddis but only about 6-8 inches of visibility in town the morning of 5/5...

Thousands of caddis in town...

The river has come up quite a bit in town (2310 CFS), plus we have another steep spike up at Corwin (2,500 CFS).  We’re starting to see a few more sticks in the foam eddies (which is where all the fish are eating caddis) so you’ll want to be throwing 2X instead of 4X.  We think there’s a good chance the fish will still eat through though today, but hopes are not as high for Monday or Tuesday.  With several days in the high 60′s and 70′s and warmer nights it looks like we should be in runoff by Wednesday.  We’ve had reliable reports of Mother’s Day Caddis on the lower Madison already.  With warmer temps the next few days this should be where the caddis action is at.  Expect road delays due to  construction between Black’s Ford and Warm Springs.

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