Mother’s Day Caddis?

Caddis are here, but the main "pop" should come with warmer weather next week...

Yesterday we saw thousands of caddis on the water (as well as blue wings, March browns, and midges).  While the mayflies showed up mid morning, the caddis didn’t start until about 2:30 and got thicker towards 4:00.  The only risers we saw were in the big foam eddies, so fishing a larger (size #12) Hi-Vis Elk Hair or Goddard was useful in seeing a tall riding fly in the foam.  The fish were pretty keyed in on caddis emergers just below the surface film, so you might want to bring along some René Harrop emerger patterns for a slam dunk.  That being said if you are patient and have the extra time, you can still force feed them a dry.  The river was a tad off color yesterday so we could get away with 3X to the top dry and 4X to the dropper.  Looks like colder weather is going to put the caddis on hold, at least for the next few days, so be sure to bring some baetis and have a couple March browns in your box just in case.   Wind (and even clarity) may also be an issue, so when in doubt feel free to give us a call…

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