Nelson’s Spring Creek

As anomalous as a "windless" day in Paradise - the rare Nelson's brook trout...

Seeing how we had another unbelievably calm day on Sunday, we decided to head out to Nelson’s Spring Creek.  On our way up to the logs and deeper runs, we noticed a large group of decent sized trout eating midges in the shallows.  There were midge adults on the surface as well, but the fish ignored any top water offerings, and instead filled their bellies with hundreds of light olive midge larva.  It was a bright day and the fish were exceptionally spooky.  With exception of the fastest runs, the micro currents still posed  enough of a challenge that 5 or 6X tippet was necessary.  A favorite combo was a hanging midge adult or gnat with an olive midge larva 20 inches below it.  Other choice patterns included black midge larva, egg patterns, and small streamers.  Due to the bright sun, the streamers only worked in the faster runs, in the shade, or close to the logs (and the moss that builds upstream of them).  Perhaps the biggest surprise of the day was when Jedwards reeled a brookie in from the lower section.  Again, we saw several redds out there still, so tread lightly…

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