Local and Private Lakes fishing well

The Brookies are looking gooo00d right now...

Brian Whitaker, switching it up from riding hogs to catching them! Photo: Marcus McGuire

Both local and private lakes have been fishing well lately.  With cooler water temps and less fishing pressure you can pretty much expect a slam dunk day.  The only thing that might make fishing slower is if you happen to be on the water when a front rolls in, other than that, plan on catching good numbers of solid fish.  On warmer, sunny days we’ve actually seen some decent callibaetis hatches with plenty of fish up eating on top.  A callibaetis dun or spent spinner pattern can be absolutely deadly when fish are looking up.  If nothing seems to be going on hatch wise try a mix of leech patterns, damsel nymphs, and olive buggers.  A sinking line is preferable for fishing leeches and buggers but not 100% necessary, especially if you have some heavier lead eye patterns.   If productivity slows down with buggers and leeches, try a mix of scuds, callibaetis nymphs, damsel nymphs, snails, and midges larva patterns under an indicator.  3X and 4X tippet has been working just fine right now…

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