Eric Figge with a nice Yellowstone Cutty. Photo: Brian Sienkowski

Last the last few days it’s been pretty windy over here.  The hopper bite is slowing down but we still recommend fishing them as your top fly, with some kind of size #12-18 attractor dry behind it.  In general the fish are bumping the hoppers and eating the smaller dries.  Last night we saw a few drakes out but still waiting for a larger hatch.  We’ve heard of more bugs mid-day, so be sure to have some Parachute Adams or Purple Hazes in your box before you head out.  The guides who have been nymphing hard have had near 100 fish days, (most of them have been of the short-finned Grayling variety).  The streamer bite has been inconsistent but olive seems to be the go to color for now.  The dry fly action in Yellowstone Park has picked up, with green / greyish drakes coming off in the Larmar Valley.  Black terrestrials and cinnamon ants have also been taking some nice fish…

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