Yellowstone River fishing report

Johnny Noreika with a solid brown caught on the swing... Photo: JK

Most folks fishing the Yellowstone have been either throwing dries or streamers lately.  If you are looking for more numbers, then try fishing a mix of royal wulff cripples, parachute adams (both with white or black posts), purple haze, purple wulffs, fly ant patterns, and other baetis patterns.  A lot of guides and anglers will fish these smaller dries behind a hopper attractor.  We haven’t seen much out there yet for either baetis or hecuba, but will be looking forward to it as soon as the cooler weather (and clouds) roll in.  When this happens we’ll almost immediately run out of our Lucent Drakes, which is a spot on match for the hecuba.  If you are more interested in going for one or two big fish, then fishing streamers is where it’s at.  With the cooler water temperatures the browns have started to color up and have been more aggressive when it comes to chasing streamers.   If you are stripping your streamers we like using a white or brighter streamer up front with a natural colored dropper streamer 24 inches behind it.  If you are  swinging streamers, then we like using one olive or brown colored streamer, preferably with a stinger hook tied in it…

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