Yellowstone National Park Report

Thomas Howell and Guide Josh Edwards with a nice Slough Creek native... Photo: Alex Tahsili

1st Meadow on Slough Creek...

The North Eastern side of the Park has been fishing very well lately.  Fish have been crushing hoppers, beetles, and flying ants this week, with little or no need to fish nymphs.  The best part is that the dry fly fishing has been all sight fishing, so you can have fun picking out your target before you cast to it.    If you have the option to camp or fish late into the evening the fishing has been really fantastic.  Most anglers will be off the water or leaving around 4:00, so if you can catch the “witching hour” (8:00PM to dark) you should be able to fool some fish that normally hang low all day.  Obviously the farther you walk away from the road the better the fishing gets.  Anglers who are willing walk a 3-5 mile round trip will reap benefits that far surpass any bug bites, blisters, or possible bear attacks, (yes, you’ll want to bring at least one can of bear spray per group).  If you are looking for more fish, try fishing the Yellowstone inside the park.  If you are looking for a bigger cutthroat, try focusing your efforts on the Larmar, Soda Butte, or Slough Creek.  The Madison, Firehole, and Gibbon remain closed to fishing (due to high water temps), however we never fish this side of the park this time of year anyway…

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