“25 inch browns on the reg…”

When in doubt, leave the fly in the trout! A 25" brown caught by George Anderson somewhere in MT

The Yellowstone has had a handful of mini mud-plugs this week, all which we have been able to work around and still have solid fishing.  Tonight looks like the last night for rain in the park for a while, the whole river should be clear for a while in a couple days.  Clarity in town was 3-4 feet today.  Mixed reports of course, but in general yesterday and today fished well.  Today we heard reports of a solid 23 inch brown and multiple 20 inch browns being caught.  The off tint water isn’t always a bad thing.  Many streamer fisherman actually prefer a slight green tint to the water for fooling the bigger fish in the river.  Yesterday a guide and his client put a PIG 24.5 inch Yellowstone brown in the boat.  Unfortunately after taping it, the brute flipped over the boat gunnel and got away without the proper proof.  Ooof.  That had to hurt. Then they noticed the fish was catching his breath beside the boat for a moment and was almost netted a second time but he finally earned his freedom after the second escape.  OUCH!!  Big browns are wile!  At least there were two boats of legit witnesses who saw the beast released. For them, the pure mental imagery of a true champion brown will last forever…

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