Big Pine Tarpon Report

Chris Coyne with a big mama from Big Pine Key. Photo: Capt. Matt Thomas

Airborn! Photo: Linwood Barnes

Fly fishing the gin clear waters of Big Pine Key for giant Tarpon, this was the best trip yet. We were fishing the third week in May in hopes that we might hit the worm hatch, we did hit it although it was not as prolific as we have seen other years. Jake Andersen and I focused mostly on fishing out front off the beach sight casting various worm patterns to hundreds and hundreds of very large Tarpon. David Linwood Barnes was our third angler he concentrated his efforts in and around the bridges having great results swinging flies in the current.Linwood hooked twelve to fifteen fish, Jake had seven or eight eats in one day some that were spectacular with the tarpons mouth completely out of the water, I was low rod jumping six fish total. Capt Matt Thomas was our guide, this man has consistently proven his ability to create excellent oportunity day after day. You can find Matt at I would recomend him to any one at any level of flyfishing interested in flycasting to giant Tarpon on the crystal clear flats of the lower Keys.   – Chris Coyne


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