Florida Chrome

We had some incredible fishing this week near Boca Grande.   The catching, unfortunately wasn’t as mind blowing.  We sure had a lot of shots.  We dubbed one place the “Shooting Gallery” because the fish were everywhere, swimming at us from all directions.  We must have thrown to over 500 fish, none of which wanted to slow down and track our flies for a second.  Ungrateful hogs.    To satisfy our need for a bent rod we hit the back country for snook and redfish, walking the dog through the mangroves with Zara Spooks and silver Badonk-a-donks.  “Ah… that’s better, the yank is the crank!”   Most of the week we had a strong south wind, but on better days we faced a 5-8 m.p.h. south east wind.  Then the wind switched to NW for a couple days, but was calm.  Luckily we had good sun and in the calm waves, we were able to spot fish several hundred yards away.  For whatever reason, that day the fish were acting much happier, swimming slower and higher in the water column, attacking bait and daisy chaining.   Between the two of us we probably had 10 eats, jumped 3 and leadered 2.  Seems like the bite was on a high slack or falling tide…

Boca Chrome...


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