Mother’s Day Caddis Hatch back on!

The frenzy is back on! Look in the Valley for the most bugs... Photo: Mike Nelson

Now is your window...

If you were planning on a “sick day” this week to catch the mother’s day caddis hatch on the Yellowstone, Tuesday and Wednesday are looking goooood…  (You should probably show up in the morning, then use the old “I must of ate a bad taco at lunch” excuse).  The hatch will be popping from 3:00 till dark, but the fish have keyed in on caddis and will likely be eating dries all day.  If the wind picks up, pick up your streamer rod.  Visibility is a solid 2-3 feet (with a nice, green tint).  Expect to see a blizzard of bugs up high to mid Valley, plenty in town, but only a few down low.  After the next two days, expect the Shield’s to be dumping in mud down low as well as mud coming from the Lamar.


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