Yellowstone looking good for this weekend!

Sorry trout, the abominable snowman is back...

Yellowstone should fish well this weekend with caddis.  Flows are down to around 5,000 CFS, vis is 2-3 feet, and water temps are rising (hopefully we hit 52 again today).  We’ve been fishing the Stone the past three days – it’s been good, not great.  Tuesday night we floated through town after work, landed 3 for 8, all on streamers.  Saw maybe 100 caddis?  Not enough to switch to dries (as we saw zero rises).  Wednesday we floated down low and boated 5 fish.  Worked really hard for them, all were on streamers, no rises despite hundreds of March Browns in the eddies.  Clarity was a good 6 inches less visibility down low than through town or above.  The shield’s in dumping in some mud, as is Billman Creek in town (near the lumber yard).   Yesterday we floated Pine to Carters.  It was cold & windy most of the day, but we managed to catch 5 on caddis pupa & emergers, one on a caddis dry…

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