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Got Midges?

Since most the freestone rivers in our area look like chocolate milk right now, we’ve been hitting up some local and private lakes.   Midge hatches have been THICK lately, (although most of our fish have been actually caught on leeches, damsel nymphs, scuds, and smaller streamers).  To name a few hot patterns:  Barr’s Bouface leece, Pig Pen, Polar Leech, black leadeye, multi-colored leadeye, Barr Damsel Nymph, Olive Sparkle Scud, Tak’s Chironomid).  Usually at some point in the day (evenings in particular) the wind will calm down for a little dry fly fishing.  Conditions change quickly however, so if you want to fish dries be prepared to take advantage of a short window.  Midges have been the main hatch for dries, (a size #20 black parachute has been working) although we’ve also seen some big size traveling sedges already as well, (try a size #10-12 Elk Hair Caddis or Stimulator).  Later in June these lakes will be popping with Callibaetis and damsels.  While not a ton of fish are being caught right now, this is a good time of year to go for a big one…

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