Sticks on the Stone

Getting a little "wiggy" out there...

While there are plenty of caddis out and about, unfortunately the Yellowstone remains too muddy to fish well.  CFS at Carter’s was a whopping 11,000 CFS today!  It looks like we have a few nights this week near freezing, especially up high.  While we expect the Yellowstone to come down at little and clear up 6-8 inches we don’t have high hopes for caddis.  Even throwing streamers is difficult right now since about everywhere you’d want to plop a fly in is covered in sticks and river debris.  That being said, we’ll keep an eye on things, if conditions improve we’ll let you know.  If you are trying to hit the Mother’s Day Caddis Hatch the lower Madison is probably your best bet.  Even there visibility has varied from day to day, but in general a much better shot at the fishing keying in on the bugs.  Don’t forget your baetis or March browns if you have a cloudy day, a streamer or crayfish would also be a good idea, especially if things begin to murk up again.

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