Spring baetis have arrived

Mike Warren with a nice hen brown. Photo: Wayne Huyard

Little surprise, the Yellowstone continues to be as fickle as ever.  Cloudy and calm are the days we all hope for, bright and windy are usually the cards we get dealt.  The one change we’ve seen lately has been a lot more baetis on the water, even on sunny days.  Be sure to bring some baetis emergers, as the fish we’ve been seeing in the foam eddies have not been eating the dries as much as feeding under the surface.   As for streamers, olive still seems to be the color that fish are chasing and eating, although a brighter lead streamer like yellow or white may help catch their attention to see the olive dropper.  Again, the streamer bite really depends on the day, even with the water being 2-3 of visibility the brighter days have been significantly slower.  Also the Shield’s (and other tributaries) are adding a little more brown color to the lower River.  We floated Pig to Springdale yesterday and we definitely could have used the extra 6 inches of visibility that the town section or Valley has.  If you want to throw nymphs, try a mix of stone flies, hot bead rubber legs, price nymphs, tung teasers, and green copper johns…


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