Wind City

Nice day to fly a kite...

The Yellowstone has been fishing a little slow recently.  Partly due to high winds and odd weather patterns, partly due to some lower elevation snow melt and less clarity than normal.  There are rumors of a dirty plug coming down from the Gardiner, but as of now town is still 2 feet of visibility and a good green color.  That being said, if you are throwing streamers white, yellow, black, or something shiny will show up better.  The biggest thing is just getting your fly in front of a fish, which means you’ll want to get your flies down DEEP.   So if you twist your own bugs, tie them heavy or plan an adding some split shot.  Or, if you can afford one, a 24′ 300 grain sinking line is our preferred method for streamers.  We’ve been fishing the Rio sinking lines as they tend to tangle less than the streamer express.  Also, an 8 weight rod (or super stiff 7) is required  to throw a 300 grain line.   Another option would be fishing an attachable sink tip (from Beartooth and Rio) that will help get your flies down in the water column.  Many of these will work even on 5 or 6 weight rods. Winds in the 45 mph are forecasted for this weekend, but you never know if the weather man is right until the day of.  Give us a call for the latest wind / water clarity report.  222-7130.

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