YNP Fishing Great

LB with a nice YNP cutty. photo: Jed "guides day off"

Even with the closures on the Yellowstone outside the park, our guides have been finding some outstanding fishing inside YNP. Most of the fishing is on dry flies, like hoppers, ants and beetles which is always exciting. Our guides have been going into YNP daily and can show you some great spots and some different water. Or if you’ve never fished the park, this is the time to get in there. The entrance fees are free from now until Sunday the 28th, for the 100th anniversary celebration. Give us a call to set up a trip 406-222-7130 or stop by the shop to get YNP licenses and some good flies.

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Other guide trip options: YNP, Upper Madison, the MO, Lakes, jet boat trips and more…

Russ Ray with the results from a great take on a hopper! Photo: Eric Paulson

Now that the Yellowstone (and it’s tributaries) are closed we spreading our trips out to other areas.  Yellowstone National Park, the upper and lower Madison, the Missouri, as well as public and private lakes are all fishing well right now.  Aside from these options we are also booking  jet boat trips as well carp fishing trips to those who are interested. Give us a call to book a guide… 406-222-7130.

Chase Chapman and Audra Kaprive with a typical YNP native cutthroat.

We received an e-mail press release from Yellowstone National Park stating that “At this time the NPS is not considering expanding the river closure inside Yellowstone National Park.  All waters in the park remain open, however to help prevent the spread of any parasites or other aquatic invasive species, it’s imperative that all visiting anglers and boaters completely clean and disinfect their gear (waders, boots, float tubes, boats) before traveling to the park…”  

“In addition, once anglers are done fishing at a site within Yellowstone National Park, they must remove all mud, sediment, vegetation and other debris from waders and boots before leaving that site and traveling to additional fishing locations within the park. All watercraft entering the park must be inspected by NPS staff prior to being launched. Fishing bait is not allowed in the park, and it’s illegal to transport live fish or move fish or other animals among park waters.”

Jed and Shalib doubled up at a local private lake

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Yellowstone River Closed due to Parasite

For more information you can call 1-406-994-4042


The Yellowstone AND ITS TRIBUTARIES are now officially closed to ANY river use until further notice.  This includes fishing, boating, wading, floating, tubing, or any other activity that involves contact with the water).  The reason for all this is due to a parasite that has been killing thousands of whitefish on the Yellowstone and can also effect trout.  The parasite, (Tetracapsuloides bryosalmonae) causes PKD, or Proliferative Kidney Disease and can be deadly, especially during drought conditions.

For more information check out the FWP Press Release:   http://fwp.mt.gov/news/newsReleases/closures/waterbodies/nr_0105.html

We are encouraging everyone to clean their boats, wading shoes, anchor rope, trailers, or anything else that has come into contact with the water.  There are mandatory boat washing stations on the Bozeman pass as well as East of town. If you live in Livingston and have floated the Yellowstone please take action yourself and go to a car wash.  Be sure to take your whole anchor rope out and wash it as well (since normally part of this is hidden by your boat).  If possible allow your boat and everything else to completely dry before heading to another body of water.

Dead whitefish, settled in a deep pool of the Yellowstone. Photo: EP

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Hoot-Owl Lifted between Carter’s to Springdale

Lil brown on the swing...

FWP lifted a “Hoot-Owl” restriction yesterday from Carter’s bridge down to Springdale, so the Yellowstone is now open 24 hours a day from Gardiner down to the Springdale Bridge.  It looks like we have more clouds in the future, so hopefully the new amendment will stick for the rest of the summer.  From Springdale bridge down to the mouth of the Clark’s Fork of the Yellowstone is still closed from 2:00PM to midnight everyday.  Things are always changing, use the FWP fishing restrictions page as a resource for the most up to date information.

Zach Attack! Zachary Reese with the catch and release... photo: John Bond

JG with a nice afterwork brown... Photo: Katie

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Hotter temps mean get out early…

Brett Edwards with a healthy Paradise Valley rainbow...

The Yellowstone has been fishing well in the mornings and although there is no hoot owl closure above Carter’s bridge we are still recommending to get on (and off) the river early.  Water temps have actually been quite good before 2:00PM (see below) and the fish have been eating well before noon.  While the guides have been some dead whitefish, (and the occasional long nosed sucker), the trout still seem to be in good shape.  Give us a call for the latest report or to book a guide… 406-222-7130.

Doubled up in the net... Photo: Ashby Bell

50°F at noon on Thursday, August 4th... Photo: Eric Paulson

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Clarity Report

Peter McSweeny with a solid streamer eater... Photo: John Bond

We know we have mud coming from Yellowstone National Park, so way up high is risky today (since you’ll likely get caught by mud).   6 mile has made things a little muddy mid Valley as well, although the river looks clear at Mill Creek.  Below town is good to go, however hoot owl restrictions still apply below Carter’s.  It looks like tomorrow we’ll be looking to fish the Madison, or depending how fast the plug comes floating way down low on the Yellowstone… Call us for updated info 406-222-7130.

Doubled up! Photo: Steven Winkels

The recent clouds and rain dropped water temps the past two days and the fish have responded well to it.  Afternoon temps are still on the hotter side however, (last night the hottest water temp was 67 degrees at Carter’s bridge) so we are still recommending an early start, no matter what section you choose to float.

Jed and Robert - "Major" League time... Photo: Ole' James

Hoppers have been the ticket in the faster riffles and runs.   If you are going for a larger fish try fishing a single hopper with no dropper.  This removes any micro-drag that your rubber leg or beadhead dropper might add to it, plus it enables you to twitch your hopper better.  For more fish adding a dropper is definitely the way to go.  A size 8 rubber leg or any size 16 beadhead of your choice should do the trick.

Steven Winkels release a hopper eater... Photo: Steve Miller

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Hootie Hoo

John White doing things right! Photo: Eric Paulson

The Yellowstone has been hot lately so we’ve been recommending 6:00AM starts.  FWP has put a “hoot owl” restriction on the Yellowstone from Carter’s bridge down to the confluence of the Clark’s Fork of the Yellowstone.  This means from Carter’s bridge down, there is a mandatory quitting time of 2:00PM until midnight.  Above Carter’s bridge remains open 24 hours a day.  Until water temperatures fall significantly, FWP will keep the hoot owl in place to protect fish mortality, especially in the afternoons.   To beat the heat, we recommend getting on the river early and getting off early.  Whichever stretch you choose to float, focus on the faster water or deepest water.  Chubbies, hoppers, ants, attractors, rubber legs, and any size 16 bead head of your choice have been working well.  Streamers are also working, but more anglers have been fishing them under an indicator.  Until we get some rain olive will likely be your best bet.  Give us a call if you’d like to book a trip.  406-222-7130.

Ben Stevens with a fine Yellowstone Brown... Photo: Eric Paulson


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Hot Afternoons

Marcus McGuire and Mike Fox with a nice brown ... Photo: John Fox

Fishing on the Yellowstone has been good lately, especially in the mornings.  As expected, the afternoon fishing has been slower due to the higher water temperatures, but even then the fish have been eating hoppers in the faster water and shady areas.  We’ve been seeing more hoppers this year, and if the wind is blowing a little you’ll see some of these on the water.  Rubber leg nymphs and smaller beadhead nymphs have been the go to bobber rig.  Lots of folks are fishing single dry (usually a hopper or stone) and going for a larger brown in the riffles.  As always we recommend de-barbing your flies and once the heat hits (typically 2:00 – 5:00PM) we recommend landing your fish as quickly as possible, or in some cases even letting them off the hook (by roll casting them off or simply giving them some slack).  If you happen to catch a larger fish, let your guide handle the fish for photos to ensure the fish are well taken care of.  With temps in the 90′s this weekend and early next week it will be important to catch and release fish properly.

John Fox with a solid morning rainbow. Photo: Marcus McGuire

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Yellowstone Fishing Well

Gary Geddes gets another one! Photo: Eric Paulson

The Yellowstone has cleared up from last week’s rain and fishing well again.  Although this week has been on the hotter side, (a couple days even got into the 90′s), the fishing has still been good.  Give us a call if you’d like more information or would like to get out there with a guide!  406-222-7130.

Ah... shucks.

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Clarity 7/13 – Starting to get green

Clarity today (7/13) - about 1.5 feet of vis but green

The Yellowstone is finally starting to clear.  There is probably a shot for a big one today, tomorrow and Friday could be even better.  If you can make it to the Upper Madison or into the Park, those would be the spots to go to as well. The Spring Creeks are still fishing great with PMD’s, and the private lakes are fishing well with damsels.  Be sure to give us a call to book a trip or get more info 406-222-7130.

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