Yellowstone Fishing Well

More pocket aces... Photo: Dean Poli

Flows on the Stone continue to drop slowly… currently at 7,350 CFS in town and 6,560 near Corwin Springs. The forecast looks clear through the weekend, with a chance of thunderstorms starting Monday/Tuesday.  Give us a call to book a last minute trip or to plan a trip in August or September.  406-222-7130.

Green is good... the river is looking ripe and ready...

W.A. Landreth, JB, and Hood Whitson crushing it up high... Photo: Mike Malone

Henry and Hunter with a fat upper river rainbow! Photo: Will Rodgers

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Yellowstone fishing well

Paulson and Rusty Lacy with a solid brown from yesterday. Photo: Big Steve

Clarity is looking good from Gardiner to Livingston and beyond.  Should be a great day out there, give us a call to book a last minute fishing trip!  406-222-7130.

Clarity today in town (7/18) - green is good! (7,010 CFS)

We just got word around noon today that there is a surprise plug of mud coming down from 6-mile, making the River pretty dirty from just above Emigrant past Pine creek.  The Clarity in Gardiner is a little bit off as well as of this afternoon but we expect that to clear up by tomorrow morning…

Clarity just above Pine Creek (today, 7/18 at 1:50PM)... mud from 6-mile

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Clarity Report

John Bond and Ron Phillip with a thick Valley hen. Photo: Joe Gilmartin

The river did have some tiger stripes of mud today but we were able to work around it and you will be able to do the same tomorrow as well.  Yesterday around mid-day the Lamar was starting to clear near the confluence of Soda Butte but was very muddy at the Larmar bridge near Slough Creek.  Afternoon showers have been rolling in but the fishing has been good just before or after the storms.  The forecast for the next few days is clear of showers so we should have good clear water coming after tonight.

Todd Barber, from the concrete jungle! Photo: Laddy Daddy

Lucas and Jack on the attack! Photo: Chase Chapman

The river is fishing well, especially for the shot at a big fish.  Several big fish have gotten off at the net, swam straight up stream, or busted off in the bushes – and you’ll have that on the Yellowstone!  Now is as good a chance as any to land the fish of a lifetime, give us a call to help make it happen! 406-222-7130.

John Bond and Joe Gilmartin with a fatty... Photo: Ron Phillip

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Yellowstone Fishing Well

CFS on the Yellowstone has finally dropped into great shape... (yesterday 7/14)

The flows on the Stone have dropped to 7,520 CFS in town and the river is back to “green is good.”  Big bugs are long gone but fish are rising up and eating caddis in certain spots.  Most folks are still throwing nymphs or streamers, going for a big one.  The Valley has still be the dominant stretch of water for both numbers and larger fish but people are starting to float other sections now as well with limited success.  If you decide to float town it is safer to pull out at Mayor’s Landing since the 89 bridge pillars are making a sketchy hydraulic right at the take out.

Sophia Burton, capturing more than just new wisdom this trip! Photo: Uncle Hank

Preston Burton with a nice Yellowstone brown. Photo: Hank Bechard

Becca Huyard with a solid sunny day brown... Photo: Hank Bechard

The Dickerson boys - doubled up! (38 more to go) ... Photo: Hank Bechard

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Clarity Report / Salmonflies

Mike & Jack living it up on the banks of the Yellowstone! Photo: JB

Yesterday we had a pretty heavy rain hit the upper Yellowstone and YNP, which did result in a bit of a mud plug. Around 10:00AM today (Monday 7/10) the mud was reported in between Point of Rocks and mile marker 26. Another storm has hit this afternoon, although primarily north of the Park, so tomorrow should be fishable.  After Wednesday night we will be in the clear from rain for a while with sun in the forecast for Thursday and Friday.  CFS at Carter’s is finally under 9,000 but may remain around there until these last rains wash through.

Salmonflies and Goldenstones in the Park...

If you are on the big bug hunt you’ll still be able to find plenty of stragglers between Gardiner and Point of rocks, however the bulk of the hatch has now moved on into the Park.  Give us a call if you’d like to go on a Yellowstone National Park “hike and strike” trip!  406-222-7130.

Matthew Baxter and Andy Baxter keeping the tradition alive! Photo: Josh Edwards

JB and Amy Long with a big brown from today, (7/10) Photo: Guy DS

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Clarity Improving

Robert Ebeling Jr. & JB with a Home Invader brown... Photo: Robert Ebeling Sr.

Clarity on the Yellowstone has been improving lately and people are starting to catch more and more fish on dries.  In the Valley caddis have been working better, if you go way up high then salmonflies, goldenstones, and yellow sallies are still on the menu.  Most of the Valley reports from today were slow, although the cloud cover did provide some a nice relief from the scorching sun we’ve had the past few days.  Looks like more clouds tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon as well…

Brandon Johnson with his first trout ever on the fly, not bad! Photo: Jason Lawn

Jason Lawn with the attack from the back! Photo: Jamie Anderson

Doc Ebeling & Chase with a solid lake rainbow... Photo: Elizabeth Ebeling

Local and private lakes are still fishing well.  Expect to see callibaetis and damsels hatching from 10:00 – 2:00 everyday.  Later in the afternoon going subsurface as been the key to success.  Give us a call to book a trip!  1-406-222-7130.

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Clarity Report / Salmonflies

Tommy Camp with a solid Yellowstone brown! Photo: Travis Camp

The Yellowstone is still taking its sweet time to fully clear, but in the meantime we’ve been having some good nymph and streamer fishing.  The dry fly bite has been more difficult, for that the Upper Madison is still your best bet.

Adam Mendelsen with a nice upper Valley brown. Photo: Austin Trayser

Salmonflies are still thick at Carbella, although there are plenty above Yankee Jim canyon as well.   You won’t find too many big bugs below Emigrant now, however, a few anglers have been catching fish on caddis dries here and there.  We keep waiting for visibility to increase, but at least for now nymphing has been working better. Give us a call to book a trip!  1-406-222-7130.

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Clarity / Salmonflies

Clarity yesterday (7/3 around noon) about a foot of visibility...

The Yellowstone has had a slow awakening but the fish are starting to eat the dry a little better, especially below clear confluences.  Strangely enough, many of the dry fly bites have been on smaller caddis or yellow sallies, with the occasional rise to a big salmonfly dry.  The streamer fishing has been solid, as has deep nymphing a bugger or rubber legs with a good amount of weight to bring it down.  Although flows have dropped to 10,400 CFS in town the current is still moving pretty fast so it is important to get your flies down deep.  The tough part is that it is still difficult to see snags and rocks so the chance of loosing some flies is likely.  Load up with a full clip and keep after it!  Give us a call to book a trip: 1-406-222-7130.

"Todd the Bodd" with a choice Valley brown... Photo: Morgan Barber

You’ll find Salmonflies all the way up to Gardiner now, with plenty of big bugs still staging up between Carbella and Emigrant.  There are several small clear creeks running into the river and all these spots have been good dry fly fishing.  The rest of the time try throwing a big streamer or rubber leg and go for a hog!

Chuck and John get one on the dry... Photo: Big Steve

JG with a perfect cutty... Photo: Ben McCracken

Locked again! Photo: Ben McCracken

Silje Haugen enjoying a happy 4th of July... Photo: JB

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Clarity Report / Salmonflies

John Bond and John Thacher having fun out there... Photo: Bruce Beretta

It was a tough day out there today.  Some of the better results were 4-6 trout per boat but, in general the fishing was on the slow side.  Perhaps the fish gorged on big bugs?  It finally seems like the clarity has improved enough that a fish could see (and eat) a big dry, but so far the only dry fly fishing has been at or below clear confluences of the Yellowstone.  Fishing with streamers or big salmonfly nymphs under a bobber have had the best results so far.  The river has finally dropped into that 10,000 CFS range (currently at 10,7000 at Carter’s bridge) and should just get better and better each day as flows drop.  Give us a call to book a trip for later this week, things are about to turn on and you won’t want to miss it!  1-406-222-7130

James Hill, King of the boat ramp take out... Photo: John Bond

If you are really after a surface eat on a salmonfly dry, the upper Madison is still your best bet.  If you are up for some streamer fishing or a little nymphing, the Yellowstone is playing, but the fishing has been difficult, even for veteran guides and anglers.  If you do decide to float, make sure the oarsman is confident and can handle sudden current changes and hydraulics.  This is not the time to have inexperienced buddies give rowing a try…

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Clarity Report / Salmonflies on the Stone

John Bond, on the Beef Cake of course... Photo: David Lamer

CFS on the Stone has been dropping……….. slowly, (which is great for the rest of our summer in August and September).  Today flows finally dropped below 12,000 CFS, but we are still waiting until the river is at 10,000 CFS at Carter’s Bridge to confidently put clients on it.  Salmonflies are out from Emigrant to Loch Leven, but this visibility is still bad enough that the fish aren’t interested in eating the dry.  As soon as clarity increases the fishing will be incredible, but we still feel the upper Madison offers a better opportunity for big fish on big dries this weekend.  If you are willing to throw streamers, and are OK with 0-2 fish per boat, the Yellowstone may offer some elbow space, and the shot at an early season big brown.  Give us a call to book a trip – tons of options out there right now, let us help you find what you are looking for… 1-406-222-7130.

Waiting for 10,000 CFS in the valley, 7500 for below Pine...

Yellowtone National Park has been fishing well lately and may be a better option that floating the Yellowstone for the next day or two.  We are thinking the floatable section of the Stone should be fishing much better by the 4th or 5th, pending on how much clarity we have.  Those who are willing to get skunked may be rewarded with a big one tomorrow however, right now you have to be OK with rolling the dice a little bit…

Chris Mahoney and Chase Chapman enjoying a day in YNP...


Steve J and J Bond with a Yellowstone rainbow... Photo: David Lamer

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