Off to other waters until July…

John Bond putting the beef cake to work... photo: John Michunovich

Now that CFS has sky rocketed on the Yellowstone we are guiding other places.  Now we are off to the Madison, Missouri, Bighorn, spring creeks, as well as local and private lakes.  Fishing in Yellowstone National Park starts this Saturday, 5/27.  Stop in for your season license or give us a call if you’d like to book a trip!  406-222-7130.

John Bond and Dillon Ness with a nice butter ball on the Voodoo Doll... Photo: John Michunovich

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Clarity Report

Clarity Sat (5/20) 16-18" of visibility?

The Stone is looking a little more green today, however reports from the past few days have not been very good.  With temps in the 80′s by next Wednesday the river will soon be back into full run-off mode.  Probably not worth risking your boat during this little window of opportunity.  Everyone is wondering when the Stone will be ready to fish after runoff.  For floats in the Valley like the bird float, our guess is the first week of July.  Even if it is not ready the Madison will have Salmonflies and fishing well.  Give us a call to book a guide…  406-222-7130.

CFS still on the drop but soon to rise...

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Clarity Report

Running high and turbulent through town - (not recommended)

With the graphs dropping and people getting antsy to float, we thought we’d post a few photos.  CFS at Carter’s Bridge is 11,700 today and 10,200 at Corwin Springs.  If you absolutely had to get out there and give it a try, Paradise Valley would be a safer option, but remember there are still large trees coming down the pipe and dangerous snags that have fallen down – so keep your eyes peeled to avoid any trouble.  We’ll continue to keep an eye on things but at least for now, the Spring Creeks, the Madison, Missouri, or Bighorn and lakes present better fishing options…

Only a couple inches of vis...

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Time to hit the Madison, Spring Creeks, Lakes, and other rivers


The “Cottonwood” hatch is here, which means if you are floating for recreational purposes be sure to keep an eye out for floating logs.  Unless you’re fishing power bait, worms, or rapalas in big back sloughs, it’s safe to say catching a fish today on the stone will be a near miracle.  Now we’ll be guiding on the spring creeks, the lower Madison, the MO, and local / private lakes.  Give us a call if you’d like to book a trip, there are still lots of great options out there!  406-222-7130.

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Thar she blows!

For all but extreme optimists, the river won't be fishing well today...

The river is looking pretty brown this morning, perhaps an inch or two of visibility.  Reports from yesterday were slow to say the least.  Looking at the up coming weather there is a chance the Yellowstone will clear up again and we’ll be keeping an eye on it.  Today would be a good day to hit up the Madison or one of the spring creeks…

Lamar on the rise...

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Clarity/Caddis Report

Clarity under the I-90 bridge in Livingston today (5/5) - looking good for a town float

Clarity in town is looking good, although it is windy and CFS is on the rise.  The Valley is less breezy but also less visibility since the Lamar and Gardiner rivers have come up significantly with yesterday’s hotter weather. Billman creek (near the lumber yard) is puking in a ton of mud but the main channel (shown above) is still looking good.  Carter’s to Mayor’s might be the only shot a clear water.  The Shields is on rise, but floating down low today will still be OK, tomorrow on will be iffy.  Today might be the last good day for a while with temps in the 80′s this weekend.  If temperatures drop next week we could see another window of dry fly fishing as the caddis have really popped hard and the fish have gotten a chance to get on them.  Usually they will continue to eat the caddis through the mud, so long as it isn’t too thick.  It might be worth throwing the streamer a little more today or the streamer if we don’t completely blow out by tomorrow.  Once things are too muddy here we’ll be heading to the Madison as the caddis are thick over there as well and are making their way to the upper.

Caddis above Carter's

Yesterday fished a little slower as the fish were gorged on caddis and feeling pretty full.  But the amount of bugs to be witnessed was amazing.  The streamer bite seems to be improving slightly, but most of the browns caught on streamers have been in the 17-19″ range.

Josh Mills, covered in a blizzard of caddis the Valley... photo: John Bond

More Caddis, below Pine Creek... photo: John Bond

Catfish and Blake - double locked! Photo: John Bond

Clarity of the Shield's today (5/5)... not terrible but tomorrow may be bad

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Clarity / Caddis Report

Mmmm... Butch Caddis.

If you haven’t heard by now, caddis have officially “popped” by the thousands over here.  The dry fly fishing has been really good the last couple days, although it has been spotty.   There have been March browns, baetis, and midges out as well but the trout seem to be keying in on caddis mostly.  Since the fish aren’t rising everywhere, your best bet is to float, find the pods of rising fish and anchor up on them.  The streamer bite hasn’t been the greatest but we did get one on a tan Home Invader.  Clarity is about 2 feet or so right now and looking good, get out there and have fun!  If an evening float on the Stone isn’t in the cards for you, also check out the Lower Madison as caddis are popping over there as well…

Caddis are out and about!

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Clairty/Caddis Report

Clarity today (Sun 4/30) around 2 feet or so...

Clarity has improved since yesterday, at least in town.  The Larmar and Gardiner rivers bumped a bit but the Yellowstone should be clear up high as well for the next couple days anyway.  No vortex hatches of Caddis but quite a few spotted near Pine Creek, Town, and down low.  Today is shaping up to be more of a Baetis / March Brown day, with a caddis pupa or softhackle dropper.  If the sun peaks out in the afternoon there could be some Caddis flying around but it looks like bulk of the batch will have to wait.  Today could be a good day to try streamers however…

Clarity today (Sun 4/30) Green is good!

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Clarity/Caddis Report

Clarity today (Sat 4/29) looking good and still on the drop...

The Yellowstone is looking good this morning.  CFS on the Stone, Lamar, and Gardiner have been dropping the past couple days.  The dry fly fishing has been better than the streamer fishing lately, mostly on Baetis and March Browns, despite all the midges.  Caddis have started but haven’t been very thick yet, however, if the sun stays out as expected today, we could have some seriously good dry fly action this evening.  Sunday looks like more rain and even possible snow, which would put the Caddis down for another day or two.  Caddis have also started on the Lower Madison, which has been fishing well also.

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Yellowstone River Night – No mines

Katabatic Brewing Co. is hosting a gathering tonight (Wed 4/26)

The new "Yellowstone River" SOS T-shirt $29.95

Come join the Greater Yellowstone Coalition and Simms at Katabatic Brewing for a night to learn more about their ongoing work to protect the Yellowstone River from ill-planned mining proposals in Paradise Valley and the Gardiner Basin.  We will be selling Simms SOS (save our streams) Yellowstone river t-shirts, (of which Simms is donating proceeds towards the Greater Yellowstone Coalition).  Likewise, for each beer you purchase tonight, Katabatic Brewing will also be donating proceeds towards the cause.  As of yesterday, Senator Jon Tester announced a bill that would protect and prevent large scale mining on 30,000 acres of public lands north of Yellowstone Park.   The Yellowstone Gateway Protection Act would protect the Yellowstone River from mining for another 20 years, which while temporary would still be a major win.  The Greater Yellowstone Coalition is also staying vigilant about fighting the attempts of the two foreign-backed companies are making to explore and mine on private land up Emigrant Gulch and on Crevice Mountain.  The gathering starts at 5:00PM tonight and goes until 8:00PM.  Please come down, have a beer, and learn more on how you can help support the cause…

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