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No slush ice, for the moment...

Not many people have been fishing this past week, although there have been a few regulars on the spring creeks still. Last week the Yellowstone had a lot of slush floating down it, mainly due to nightly negatives and sub zero mornings. Things have warmed up a bit and the next few days look like 37-47 degrees), but unfortunately with the warmth comes the wind.  In short it is a good time to tie some flies, or do a little Christmas Shopping.  Below you can see a few of our Christmas gift ideas.  Please call the shop to order, 1-406-222-7130.  Also feel free to browse on line by visiting our On Line Store or save up to 85% off on our Deep Deals page…

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Late Fall Fishing

Logan releasing a nice Armstrong's brown. Photo: Vann Gravage

Fishing has slowed down for the most part in SW Montana.  The Yellowstone is free from ice, but it has been so windy lately that almost no one has been floating.  We’ve had some good days on the Paradise Valley Spring Creeks however, where anglers can take a break and warm up a bit before returning to the stream for another round.  The baetis hatches are starting to get smaller and smaller, however the midge hatches have been steady and will remain the go to food source throughout the winter.  There are still some fish spawning in the creeks, so be careful to avoid stepping on any redds (spawning beds).  We also ask anglers to try to refrain from fishing to actively spawning fish. Give us a call if you’d like to book a trip, especially if you are in town for the Holidays and would like to experience a successful day on the water!  1-406-222-7130.

John Bond with a nice Nelson's rainbow. Photo: Francois Bergeron

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Happy Halloween

Hide and go seek... Photo: Chloe Nostrant

The browns are just about ready to spawn in the spring creeks, and have already started in DePuy’s.  As always, we ask anglers to be cautious on where they are stepping in order to avoid stepping on any redds (spawning beds), as this will ensure the eggs a better chance of survival.   It will be obvious where these cleared off spots are, where the hens have dug out/cleared the gravel from silt and dirt.  Please do not fish to actively spawning fish, if you see them on their redds, let them do their thing and just enjoy watching them.  There have been a couple kinds of baetis on the water, a larger more typical 18-20 blue winged olive, and a smaller 20-22 baetis with a hint of yellow in their belly.  Calm, cloudy days will be the best for dry fly fishing.  Midge larva, sparsely tied baetis nymphs, and egg patterns have been working if they aren’t eating the dries.  Give us a call to book a trip, there are still some fish to be caught out there!  1-406-222-7130.

The browns are about to get busy...

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Yellowstone Slowing Down Some

John Bond and Greg Snow with a stud brown! Photo: Christine Varnai

In general the fishing is starting to slow down on the Yellowstone, but at least a few big fish have been getting caught!  This past week has been very sunny with only a few baetis and midges on the water.  We expect the dry fly game to get better towards the end of the week, as we finally have some decent cloud cover.  This should help the streamer bite as well.  Give us a call if you’d like to book a last minute trip!  1-406-222-7130.

Logan gets locked...

Vann Gravage coming up big with a tall streamer eater... Photo: Logan Brown

Dean Poli breaking the 2 foot mark again... Photo: Logan Brown

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Fall on the Yellowstone…

Jess Kelly with a big Yellowstone brown! Photo: Justin Stockfish

Last week’s colder weather has kept river traffic to a minimum and brought out some nice browns.  This week looks much warmer, (and brighter – for better or for worse).  Leaves are still looking good and the wind, at least through Thursday, is looking like single digits up to 15 mph.   This would be a great time to get out on the Yellowstone while the browns are still running and not yet in the tributaries or to their spawning beds in the river.  The fish have been aggressive and chasing streamers well, you just have to find them and they seem to be on the move right now.  Nymphing has also been working well, although plan on catching a few whitefish, especially through town and in the valley.  On cloudy days look for BWO’s.  They have been small, about a size 20.  Hitting one of these hatches can be tricky, but when conditions are right the dry fly fishing has been excellent.

Josh Edwards and Dan Julie with a nice one... Photo: Mark Berggren

Kenton Weins with a nice valley rainbow. Photo: John Bond

John and Michael Harned with a nice upper river brown...

Matt Hofheimer enjoying a nice Fall day! Photo: Chase Chapman

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Yellowstone Fishing Well

Jeff O'Brien with a nice fall brown. Photo: Eric Paulson

The Yellowstone has been fishing well this past week.  Baetis have been coming off in good numbers and on calmer days the dry fly fishing has been excellent.  The streamer fishing has also been very good.  Pick a color and they have been eating it!  Leaves are still in prime colors, and we expect the river to be fishing well for a couple more weeks. After that, the browns and Fall spawning rainbows will be spawning, but there will still be some dry fly fishing to smaller fish.   Give us a call to book a trip!  1-406-222-7130.

Paul and Paulson all smiles... Photo: Fred Fingersh

Paul Fingersh with a chunker... Photo: Eric Paulson

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Fall Fishing

Everybody loves rainbows! Raymond Galvan having some fun. Photo: JB

The Yellowstone continues to fish well.  On cloudy days the fish have been looking up for baetis and hecuba drakes.   The leaves are looking good out there right now, it looks like this weekend and next week could be prime time for leaf peeping.  Do yourself a favor and get out there while the weather is nice.  Or if you are after a big brown pick a rainy day and throw some streamers.  Give us a call to book a trip!  1-406-222-7130.

Bonnie and Johnny with a nice Valley brown. Photo: Raymond Galvan

Ray Ray at it again... Photo: JB

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Fall Fishing Settles In

John and Tom Fain with a nice valley brown...

Fall is one of our favorite times to fish the Yellowstone.  The leaves are starting to change and the dry fly fishing has been very good.  Depending on the day, we’ve seen an abundance of bugs on the water, including:  hoppers, baetis, hecuba drakes, and caddis.  We’ve also noticed a lot more angler buying streamers at the bins, (for obvious reasons). Late September is a good time of year to target big browns that are starting to get a little color to themselves.  With kids back in school and many sportsman bird hunting or bow hunting there is a lot of elbow room out there.  Give us a call to book a trip! 1-406-222-7130.

Julia Hanifen with a big hopper eater! Photo: Jamie Benedict

Nicholas Ritter with a nice brown. Photo: John Bond

Thomas Parker and John with a hard fighting valley rainbow...

Kyle Power - cheers to a nice rainbow! Photo: JB

Damion Wylie getting after it... Photo: JB

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Prime Colors in Yellowstone National Park

Chloe with a nice Yellowstone cutthroat. Photo: Kaycee Gilbert

The dry fishing in YNP park has been excellent this past week.  Fall drakes have been the name of the game, although fish are also eating hoppers, flying ants, and other terrestrials as well.  As an added bonus, the leaves are just about in prime right now, and the elk are bugling, making a trip to YNP even more spectacular. Water temperatures have been chilly and the best fishing seems to be in the afternoon once things warm up a bit.   As always, the spots close to the road will be a little busier than those that require a short hike.  If you are unfamiliar with some of these out-of-the-way spots, do yourself a favor and book a trip with one of our guides!  1-406-222-7130.

Kaycee Gilbert enjoying the afternoon... Photo: Chloe Nostrant

Back you go! Kacee with the release... Photo: Chloe Nostrant

Sasha with a nice canyon cutthroat... Photo: John Bond

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Lakes Fishing Well

Mike Warnick with a healthy brown...

Surprisingly the Callibaetis have still been coming off strong on certain lakes private lakes, making for some spectacular dry fly fishing with Callibaetis duns and spent spinners.  In the mornings there have been just enough spent Callibaetis spinners around to keep the fish looking up.  By 1:30 – 2:00 the hatch has been coming off again and driving fish to the dry.  Hoppers have also been working, as well as damsel dries, sedges, and flying ants.  Give us a call to book a trip! 1-406-222-7130.

Jeff Carder - Hello Again!

#selfiesunday Ray and Chase with a nice rainbow...

Spottie Ottie...

Gerry Lenzen with a nice brookie...

KO with a knock out rainbow!

Theresa Nostrant with a nice hopper eater...

Terry Roberson getting in done!

Mr. "Can't keep em off Warnikoff"

River Ray on the lake... Photo: TR

Mike Warnick solidifies another slam - brown, brookie, rainbow, cutthroat!

Fall colors are starting to shine...

Kype hype...

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